Saturday, April 28, 2007

These are one inch squares of fabric altered art for a swap on a textile yahoo group! We are in groups of five ladies, and everyone choses a color. Everyone makes 9 - 1 inch pieces for each gal in their color and then at the end of the swap, we will have 45 squares in our given color! Fun. I chose burgandy........mine are on the far right. The others have chosen, shades of blue, pink and orange, just orange and teal. Artistic license is taken for added dimension and fibers and stitches and all kinds of things! These were fun! A little bit can hang over the edges! When all is said and done, that will add to the interest of the finished piece! Enjoy looking! Thanks for visiting!

This is a purse I made for a swap 1/4/1 on a yahoo group. I hope the gal likes it. It is vintage looking and something that I would like....hoping she does too! :) I am not a purse making expert for sure! Could use a class! It was great fun though!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two more quilts from the Chicago Quilt show! I KNOW......unbelievable! I still can get goose bumps thinking of these beautiful creations made by wonderful fabric artists! I wish everyone could see something like the Chicago Quilt show....I cannot even describe the talents there!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earl and I decided to take a wonderful walk today! We were BOTH off from work and we took a waterbottle and off we went! It was beautiful out, the lake a welcome place of beautiful teal colors changing as the depth goes and the ground and tiny flowers are starting to peek out! I took the digital camera and got some shots of the lake and waterfall and pond near our home on our walk! Nature is so beautiful! Enjoy some of the shots! Hugs,Patti

This is a rak back for two sweet friends of mine who are always sharing with me! The bird is the front and the girls are the back of a 4x4 page!
Happy Sunday! Hugs,Patti

Friday, April 20, 2007

A couple more quilts for your viewing pleasure from the Chicago Quilt Show! :) These quilts are created by wonderful fabric artists! Each different! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two more gorgeous quilts made by fabric artists and shown at the Chicago Quilt Show! :0)

This is my finished project from a class that I took with Lesley Riley at the Quilt Show in Chicago! The class was so great, we did many different mixed media parts to complete this art quilt! We did a medium transfer (the bird onto fabric) , we dyed the fabric the transfers are on, we did a water transfer off of glossy cardstock(the eggs), we painted the lutradur and used a tool to burn it and create the branches that are set over the bird image, we painted and burned felt to create the dimensional branches that are over the lutradur branches, and we have real branches over that. We painted the wood split eggs and created a pleasing fabric base for everything. Everyone in the class, and the class was full, did end up with a gorgeous piece and they all looked different depending on the colors that each person lended towards and their placement and style of course! This was just great fun and I loved the class! Hugs,Patti

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two more quilts from the Chicago Quilt show done by fabulous Fabric Artists there! The one quilt was black material that had been altered(like bleaching cardstock) and was just breath taking! Along with the frog quilt, the dark colors and details in this quilt were just amazing! Sometimes one thinks that dark colors might not work in art....but these quilts show you otherwise! Just fabulous! :0) I will continue to post some quilts from the show....just to share the joy of seeing what I did...and like with taking pictures on vacations....the picture never gives the actual view justice!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi blog friends! This weekend, I went out after work to the Quilt Show in Chicago! It was AMAZING! I did go last year also and wish I could spend more time there! Last year I was unable to take any classes, but this year, I did sign up for a class with Lesley Riley for a mixed media art quilt which was a total blast! Loved the class, Lesley is wonderful. I am not quite done with it, but will upload when I finish! :0) Until then here are two pictures of my personal favorite quils from this year created by talented quilters........I have not written their names down and now wish I had so I could list their name with the quilts! They were just breathtaking! They are detailed, full of expression, story and ART and love! These two quilts were filled with different fabrics, stitches, thread painting, fabric painted, dimension and really hit my heart seeing them. I will be showing you a variety of quilts each day so you can get a feel for the vast talent of the artists that submitted quilts to the show! Enjoy as I surely did! :0) Hugs,Patti

Saturday, April 07, 2007

These are cards for rak backs and I made them with a fun new stamp from Lost Coast called Button Girl! She is fun! The frame below I found at KMart here and has openings just about the right size for the Altered Cabinet Cards that I have, so I got it and it worked out just fine! It fits six and thought that was kind of cool! :0) Happy Easter to everyone and sending hugs your way!