Saturday, January 21, 2012
Earl and I decided to take a drive down to the historical third ward in Milwaukee today and see the ICE Sculptures from a contest that took place yesterday! The theme was "Summertime and Livin it Easy". At 10 a.m. on Friday they began sculpting and then at 6 p.m. they had to stop and were judged.
There were not that many participants, but we took a drive to go see the completed pieces in person.

We were able to walk around them. I made Earl get int he shot with the lobster so you could see the size of them. It was dusk and the lights were not on yet.....and to be honest, the ice on the backdrop of our freshly fallen snow makes the pictures less desirable! :( But you will get the idea, as I will try and describe what they are!
Top to Bottom:
1. Flip Flop (tong) heel at bottom with a guy with sombrero kicked back on top.
2. Guy on top of tong, close up.
3. Bear laying back on a like a floaty with a drink on his tummy.
4. Artist drawing laying in snow of dog, who will be naughty are get someones bikini top.
5. Dog holding bikini top in mouth.
6. Palm trees, with a boat pulled up to island and hammock set up between trees!
7. Beautiful sun wearing sunglasses and woman kneeling and reaching an arm up sort of hugging sun rays.
8. Earl and lobster.
9. Lobster with tail at bottom and holding a nice drink in his claw.
10. Lobster
11. Lobster
12. Not sure what this is, even seeing it in person. I saw a face in it.
13. This is my favorite if I were judging. It is a boy fishing, leaning against a tree, with a bird at the top and a dog next to him and a distance away there is a fishing line and he is catching a boot......heheheh.
14. More of boy fishing, great detail.
15. Boy fishing
16. Lastly, our city tree is still up, so I snapped a shot, and there is an ice sculpture there with two random people looking at it. :)
This was fun to do, but it was COLD out. Brrrrrrrr! And I wish that I had seen it when the sun was out.....we were too cold to stay until the lights came on. I bet they look beautiful with a light shining.
They are supposed to reveal the winners on Monday at the link above this post. Click on the pictures to enlarge and see them better.
They were all really neat and I teased Earl that him and I should do one next year! Haaaaaahehehe!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

You know, art is not just for the walls any more!
A friend of mine,
Nina Owens, is going to be doing her FLOOR with tons of vintage papers.
You heard me right, vintage papers, ledger sheets, music sheets, foreign text.......and she is adding some collaged papers to it as well! Is that not the coolest thing?? It was a neat project to join in on. Obviously, I did not put anything dimensional or 3d on it at all, as it will be walked on! :) I wanted you to see the sheet close up though, really fun I think!

Imagine an art room with a floor like that! Sounds like heaven to me! Maybe I will do my DOOR that way, she is getting my mind rolling!
Anyways, here are some sheets I am sending her along with the one vintage doctor ledger paper that I collaged for her! I cannot wait to see how her floor comes out!
Rufio says "Hello" to start the New Year (and wonders if you would give him a treat if he gave you this face?)! His hair is longer because we want him to be warm enough in winter with his own winter coat, so he is a bit shaggy, but none the less..........cute cute cute! :)