Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are having some seriously disrespectful "un"neighborly issues, so we have had to install a new fence to protect our home. This is the fence to left of our garage. I think it came out quite pretty for a fence.

We planted some new bushes in the back between our two fences. And I will add some flowers in time too!

These are some of my flowers that are open or opening! There is nothing as beautiful as the start of color welcoming summer time from the flowers!

The spiders are also out. Look closely and you can see a huge web on my fairy! Darned spiders!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a family wedding yesterday and it was MARVELOUS!
Great dancing, hugs for everyone and lots of reminiscing! What a beautiful day!

Smiles from Katie as her and Brad are wed and coming out of church!

The cupcake tower cake, velvet, banana and marble cupcakes! Beautiful and fun!

Auntie Edna and Bryan(Katie's brother) walking in the Grandma's.
Mark(my cousin) and Sue and Katie(bride)all looking gorgeous!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mine all MINE!!!!!!!!! You CAN'T have it!!!!

Ohhhhh, Rufio is loving his brand new duck toy! It flies pretty good and is a chase me toy. Of course, do you feel this is the face of a DESTROYER? No?
Don't be fooled. He destroys every toy that he can within a matter of minutes. This duck is made by Hartz and is tough, like canvas and he has a hole in it already and stuffing is coming out. He is rougher on toys than most big dogs I would suspect. He had super sharp grinding teeth and keeps on something until it is demolished! What a beast!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe!