Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!
This is Earl and Rufio and me wearing our festive hats for you! haaaaahehehe! Rufio is none to happy about it. I am taking the picture too, so over all, this came out pretty well. Earl's hat is a Star Trek hat with Spock Ears, mine is Tinkerbelle (you really cannot see it) and Rufio's, well is like an elf and includes a collar too! He was happy when we were done! Haaaaaaahehehe!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This sweet Reindeer card was made by Marcy Hudziak! I just love it! You can also see it on my Christmas card tree below! :)

Don't you love it when you have talented artsy friends?  These beautiful pieces(card and wall hanging) were created by Barb Head, she is always thinking of me and sends me beautiful one of a kind pieces to make my day!
 This beautiful ornament below was made by Marcy! My tree is filled with handmade artful ornaments this year and it brings such a fun tone to the tree and my heart!!!!!!
 The Holidays are Happier with Art from Friends!!!!!

Day 12-Terry Pritzel created a peace bird collaged with sequins and paints and beautiful feathers for the tail! You can visit Terry here......
 Day 13-Pat Winter created a sweet little pin that is filled with lavendar! She is an amazing sew talent and created this little pin with lace, and hand beading and roses. Just wonderful!!!!! You can see Pat's sweet talents here...

These are the beautiful steampunk dollie ornies from Linda Morgan-Number 11! I just love these unique beauties! FUN!!!!! Her blog is here, give her a visit!

Hope Clinchot Number 9, made these beautiful face pins surrounded by lovely layers of pretty fabric and lace. :) She hand painted the face! This will add a special touch to a scarf or jacket for sure! visit Hope here....

Cookies made by Amber and me this year! YUM!

Number 8---Corrine Gillman....she created this handmade paper garland for our trees or it would even look beautiful on a fireplace mantel or hanging up anywhere! It is different beautiful papers tied off with ribbons and buttons. Clever and unique! Thans can visit her blog to see more of her creations here.....

This unique and special little vintage thread spool was created by Terri Lightfoot-Number 10. It has Christmas music sheet and glitter,vintage buttons and glorious glimmer and shine! You can visit Terri here.....
This swap has been a wonderful Joy, having something artsy to open every day for 13 days! Thanks so much to fun artists who played in this swap. I have really enjoyed it!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! Hehehehe!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day Seven is Vivian Neroni's ornament. He is adorable and Viv has given our teree a bit of whimsey with her skinny snowman! Heheheh! He is handmade and his tall felt hat and painted face gives him perfect personality! Thanks Vivian!!!!
You can see Vivian's blog here.....

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Day 6 was from the lovely Martha Brown. Her link is above!
She created a beautiful glass ornmaent with the theme JOY, on one side and the other
has the detailed message! It can be hung either way and it is gorgeous!
Thank you Martha!!!!!

Day 5 was my ornament, a fabric cone, made from cheesecloth, vintage music sheets, flowers, lace, perarl and some free motion stitching. It was such a fun thing to make and the girls have given it wonderful reviews! That made me smile! :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

These are the cute vintage candy dream ornaments from Leslie Brier.
What a sweet little vintage inspiration and such fun!

I am enjoying these little ornaments so! :)

The 13 Days of Christmas continues!!!! What fun!
Here is the ornament from the talented Elizabeth Woodford.

She made a beautiful vintage cone from a hand dyed vintage table cloth that she also did a sun print on it(you can see more of the sun printing on her blog, link above). The lace and velvet are all from old vintage items, repurposed as well as the buttons........Gorgeous!!

I am one lucky girl with a fun artsy tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day five is my ornament, that will be tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

This is ornament number TWO from the talented and very kind Mary Zimany!
This is an altered tin done with alcohol inks and stamping and the inside is done with wonderful fabric art, sweet stitches and glitter. There is a handmade off white rose on a velvet ribbon for the finishing touches!!!!! Spectacular! Thank you Mary! This is ornament Number One from Barb Burkard!
She made a beautiful image of the snowman on transparency and rolled it and inserted it into this glass ball. She made a bow, with a darling soft bell and filled the ball with darling gems and stones that sparkle and shine! Just beautiful! She also made each of us a lovely fabric cuff!!!!! So exciting and thank you Barb!!!

A sweet friend Elizabeth,

invited me to join a 12 Days of Christmas Swap for little ornaments. If you have never participated in one, you create 12 pieces to swap out and mail them to the hostess! You are assigned a number and wrap up your ornament and label it. I was number FIVE! The hostess swaps the packages back and you open ONE a day for 12 Days! Well, we had 13 participants, the more the merrier and we could not start to open on the 1st of December because some packages went out of the country. Long story short, the FUN HAS COMMENCED!!!!!!!!!!!! We have opened day one and day two! BOTH are fantastic ornaments from talented artful girls! :) If you want to see more detailed pictures of their ornaments, visit their websites, links above. They have some great shots of them!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here is our Christmas tree for this year!
Earl and Rufio are enjoying it from the new recliner and new rug below. Notice that Tinkerbelle is our tree topper this year! She looks wonderful up there and has fiberoptic wings that change colors. Amber got her from Disney for me, and I love her. :) AND I have handmade ornmaments from friends on the tree, and that gives it special meaning. They are all with me in spirit this season!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This was a cheese ball that I made for a birthday celebration at work and one Thanksgiving. We decorated it like an elf! Heeeeeeee! You can do many different types of food decorations(he could be a snow man, a turkey, whatever. We served him with all kinds of veggies, celery, carrots, olives, etc. and crackers--the new wheat thins crackers with cashews are delish! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello, this is the Waukesha Christmas Parade that Amber and I attended today. I am sorry my pictures are so far down that you have to scroll like this(keep paging down, they are very separated by white space :( boooooooo BLOGGER). This is the second time I uploaded and Blogger just is misery!!!!! Anyways, you can see the parade was wonderful. Danny Gokey was there and the Racing Brewer's Sausages, the Grinch that Stole Christmas, many high school bands, cheerleaders, poms, Girls Scout troups, Churches, Floats,Old Cars, and much music and fun. It was cold, so we had to buy some hot chocolate, but we made it through! Thanks for a fun weekend Amber! <3