Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please scroll down and see all the pictures. This is our chipmunk resting in the heat. My new garden next to the fence, and more flower pictures below.

I have to share some pictures of our Green Ash tree coming down! AND, some of the beautiful hollyhocks that I have in bloom right now! Enjoy. I am hoping for some relief from the HEAT, so there rest of the grass and flowers will not be burnt! :)

Monday, July 04, 2011

This was my weekend project for Martino's! I wanted it to be a surprise. It is the LADIES BATHROOM. Earl came with me and we painted fun new colors(sky blue and yellow) first on July 3rd and then today, the 4th, we went back and did the fun veggies. ALL the condiments that make a Chicago Style Hotdog. We also made the mini ELEMENTS to create the best tasting flavor explosion. It is great fun and I think the ladies will appreciate the whimsical fun of it and it brightens the day. Of course, I USE the ladies room so I will get to see it every day! :) Without Earl, I never would have got it done! Wheeeeeee! Thanks honey!