Monday, October 31, 2011

Muahaha, the witches have arrived. This is us at work today!
Julie and Vanessa, Jessica and Cathy were all PRETTY witches, and I........well, ugly witch for sure.(Do you like my warts and teeth?) Steve also dressed up as he likes to play.

Our group, Vanessa, Jessie, Julie, ME, Cathy--and Cathy made delicious apple cider and cookies and candy. :)

Click on the pictures to see larger.

Yup all the girls were pretty witches! There is no way any of them could be ugly! :)

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our pumpkin for this year.......
the Disney Villian!
This is a pumpkin that has holes cut through and also shading done with cutting deeply, but not through.
This is how it looks in daylight as well, I spray painted it 3 different colors on the outside for some added fun.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Go to this link below.......

Do you want to see someone truly inspiring for Pumpkin Carving?
His name is Ray Villafane and if he does not inspire you, I cannot image who would.
He loves kids and he is definitely gifted from God with his talents!!!!!!!
Take a look at this you tube video and search him a bit and you will be awestruck to carve a new and exciting pumpkin this year!!!!!!!!!
Amber made cookies to take to work! Frankenstein and regular fingers (cookies)! Muahaha!

Here is our home ready for Fall! See Rufio posing in front of the beautiful metal pumpkin I got for my birthday last year!

Isn't the scary tree in the window cool? I love it!

Dad gave me the corn stalks and corn, and the mum is a birthday present from this year.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Amber got an old white dresser from a rummage of sorts and when we got it home, she decided we would collage it with superheroes that she likes right now. Heheheh! Of course, some REAL life movie stuff along with some comics stuff too. So she cut out all the images and on they went with soft gel medium. Then we had to mask them all off and paint. It came out pretty awesome (we think). I just need to get the pulls on, and superhero drawer is good to go!!!!!

You will see everything from Captain America, Batman, Green Lanter, Thor, Superman, Wonderwoman, Ironman, the XMen, get the idea! The drawer is a lime green and with that, you can't miss it! :)