Saturday, February 23, 2013

 Today we made cupcakes. A rich white cake, with a surprise chocolate (candy) inside and cream cheese butter cream frosting with white chocolate shavings on top. The frosting was just tinted pink to be pretty! :)

                                                       MAY I HAVE ONE??????
Oh Rufio, those cupcakes are not for you!!!!! But a happy little baby carrot did the trick! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013




 Fat Tuesday equals Paczki's here in WI and the midwest! That is a polish donut, traditionally filled with prunes, but can also be filled with apricot, blueberry, rasberry, bavarian cream, apple, or lemon, and can be glazed, powder sugared , regular granulated sugared or frosted! Is there any way you would NOT want one??? :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Zombie Valentines

 So, I saw a sweet little idea on Pinterest here...
And I decided to take it a little bit further.
The sweet line......I CHEWS YOU.......when using gum is brilliantly fun.
From there I went with the Zombie's because my daughter loves them and I added the RUN FOR YOU LIFE part too! Toooooo funny! So these are gum boxes covered with the fun Valentine labels that I made.  Zombie Valentines!!!!!!!! Such fun.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

 Isn't this snow man hilarious?? Amber took this photo at the Waukesha Library, they have those historical cannons stuff! :)
 This is the steep hill at the corner of our block and one block down. It is the entrance to the South Shore Yacht Club, and there were tons of kids and Dad's there sledding today.

 Earl and I sat with the window open listening the squeals, giggles, sounds of pain and joy coming from those thumbing down the hill. It was fun to watch. They were all having a super fun time and did not see any 911 dumps, thankfully!

 Notice all the different, tubes, sleds and boards. Neat!
 This is Amber and her girlfriends out for a fancy and lovely brunch of omelets, crepes and hash!
Wanna go sledding?????? Snow is fun for kids!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow covered everything

 Our back yard before evening and the finishing of the snow.
 Our front yard as the snow kept coming. Sort of pretty. Did I say that????
 Now this is beautiful. It is our parkway in South Milwaukee. The open field with the creamy smooth clean snow and the gorgeous edging covered in wet snow, each tree limb like an individual white arm reaching out. Just amazing!!!! There is no way you can look at this and not think it is beautiful. :0)
 Can you appreciate the tones of white, gray and black here?? 
Winter is back.............:)