Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a cute face........hehehe. This is my great Niece Emberli.
My brother's boy Ben and his wife Jozie's little angel! I got to see her last night before they flew back to NY where Ben is stationed serving in the Navy! She is a real sweetie pie, wonderful personality and a good bubble blower :0)
Those are some baby blues wouldn't you agree? My Dad is holding her I got plenty of time to hold her too. Wheeeeeeeeee! She smiles a lot, I just did not catch that with the camera!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I joined a swap where we need to make 2 x2 tiles of clay(or another medium), total of 16 to swap out, 2 of each ---different kinds. So these are the tiles I made! The clay was not being cooperative, but I managed to get them done. I did rubber stamp the clay to get texture and I added some paint color, diamond glaze, microbeads, gold flakes etc. After I was done, Earl and Amber used the left over clay to make monster there.

Funny stuff!!!!!!! When I get the other tiles from the swap, I will share those. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here is some fun news for our little RUFIO! Amber submitted a little article about Rufio and he was chosen for the PET OF THE WEEK at the UWMilwaukee Post, the college newspaper! Hehehe! This is the article and the pictures they chose to publish of Rufio too! One of him being a sassy pup and one of him and our pumpkin from this past Halloween! Super fun and he is copping a bit of a "tude" now that he is a star.....but we expected that! Hehehee!!!!!!! Rufio is in the paper! Just too funny!
Isn't this totally fun?I want to go to work and draw on the eggs in the frig! :0)
Thought this might make you smile. It did me!!!!!!!!!! EGGcellent! hehehe!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

My good fabric buddy Laura and I took a duffle bag class yesterday with Wendy Rieves in Racine. It was a super fun class! Everyone's bags were different as we all brought our own fabrics and made a pocket. It draw strings at the sides and has a big zipper (I put in a zipper safely and it the top. It can store lots of stuff to be taken where ever! I want to make another. Some of the ladies has formal looking fabric, some country etc. The bags could have any feel to them, mine is monsterish. I went for crazy fun!!!!!!!!! I do love it! Great class and as always, good to be with Laura working on a project or just eating Taco Bell! Hehehehe!