Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fairy Garden Complete

 The fairy garden is complete with some fun glittery whimsy! :0)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fairy Garden

 This is a sweet Fairy Garden I have created with gifts that I got for my birthday. And some things that I got on Etsy from talented artists there. The clay mushrooms are from Kim at  aren't they just adorable and fitting?

 There are real plants and moss and foam covered with moss for the levels and some other fairy garden accessories from Steins Garden Center here in Milwaukee. I lined and planted in a green washed metal tray with birds and leaves on the ends and a roping around the edge. The tray was on a clearance and made the perfect platform.
 This darling Fairy is the inhabitor of the garden!!!! She is magical! She is created by Celia at   and I find her most precious!!!!

 There is plastic underneath it all, and then gravel and then the dirt for plants. The rest is just like an artfully playful decorating.
I have a few more things to add and I will share more tomorrow to finish it up and get a little height and glitter going! :)
I think it is a most enchanted place and I love it!!!!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

 Amber and I and Jules and her Mom Nancy went to the Apple Holler in Sturtevant today.
Look at these dddddddelicious fresh caramel apples with chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, M and Ms! YUM!

 Fresh frozen apple cider in gallons. We brought one of these home.
 They make all of their baked goods from scratch there. Look at the wonders......the pies, fritters, donuts etc.

 Jules and Amber outside!

 The carved pumpkins are getting bad, but it was still fun to see.
 Photo op! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

 Tons of apples of all kinds for sale!
 Feeding area of small farm animals........goats, pigs, ducks, roosters and chickens.

 The goats are crazy hungry and food aggressive!!!!!!!! Look out.........goat slobber!

 Pig hay bale rolled and spray painted.

 The real thing. ICKY mud pig pen. Pigs like mud.
 Fun big Paul Bunyan's Chair!

 Imitating art..........a family tradition. Hehehe!
 The Mom's acting up!!!!!!
Our Mom and daughter fun day.......thanks girls! <3>