Sunday, December 30, 2007

These are mini houses that GABY got me hooked on! She sent me some and I made templates from them and created 5 for her in return and also some for birthday and raks! So, they are such fun! Lining them up to make a whole city scape would be fab! They are quite small, ranging from 3 1/2" longx 1 1/2" wide to the smallest at 2"x1"wide. Very neat small format!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter Wonderland!
We got another 6 1/2 inches of snow last night, wet and heavy and coating everything! I know... I am snow grump, but I did have to stop and get some pictures to share with you, because I will admit it is very beautiful and wintery! :0) I love sharing these on my blog, because I have friends visiting here with children who never experience snow and I wish I could take them outside here to show them, but since I cannot, it is fun to show them via the net!

Even the ducks are enjoying the view! Hope you do too! Click on the pictures to see them BIGGER!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I host a cookie exchange at work! This year we had 9 participants! Here is a platter of the results. There are two platters. Each participant makes one dozen of their type of cookie for everyone playing. So this year, 9 dozen cookies. Then I swap them out and we come home with these pretty cookies, and recipes are included! This year there were:
*shortbread fingers with candy tips (4 and 11 o'clock)
*raspberry sugar cookies (middle)
*peanut butter blossoms (7 o'clock)
*peanut butter truffles (9 o'clock position)
*bourbon balls (near 6 o'clock)
*angel whispers (lemon sandwich dusted with powdered sugar) scattered
*cut outs stars, candy canes, trees and ginger bread men
*pistachio sandwich cookies (1 o'clock position)
*pecan fingers (12 o'clock position)
They all look and smell great! Aren't they pretty all plated up! :0)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Belinda is hostessing a fun ICICLE DOLL SWAP! She started these creative beauties.....see link...
Anyways, Belinda is very creative and she stated these with template, instructions and all and now is having a three for three swap, sign up by the 20th! So there is still time if you want to play, they are due to her Jan. 1st though! So these are my contribution! Wheeeeeeeee, great fun making!
I wanted to finish them today so I could get them into the mail for her! You never know with Christmas how fast things are moving! So they are off to her tomorrow! All the way to Germany! :0)
THE PACKERS won today and that always makes a great finish to my day! HURRAY!
Tomorrow is a naughty word....yes, you guessed it ......MOANDAY , so I am off to enjoy the last free time of the weekend! Hugs,Patti

Thursday, December 06, 2007

This is hilarious! I put AMBER in as an elf! Just go to the link and you can create yourself or any family member (that you have a face photo of) to be the elf......and send it to friends in an email! VERY cute, ENJOY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Here we are .......snow covered! As much as I really do not enjoy snow anymore(it represents work....shoveling before and after work etc.) the lake was a beautiful sight today, the sky was PURPLE and BLUE and it was amazing over the water! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the winter wonderland view! Booooohoooooo !Hehehehe! We are expected another 5-8 inches tomorrow! MAKE IT STOP!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My sweet Niece Sarah is in town for a visit from NC! So this is Earl, Sarah and Amber today as the snow began to fall! :) That made Sarah smile, as she has not seen snow for about 7 years! It was great seeing her! Her Brother Aaron, Wife Cat and baby Lincoln were here last week, and I did not get a shot of them! :(
Take my word for it, they are all beautiful!