Saturday, July 24, 2010

More flowers as they bloom in my yard!
Cone pretty, Hollyhock, my first year with these, wild rose bush yellow, and my two colors of Rose of Sharon bushes, light pink and deep pink. There is something magnificent about the world of nature......this is my little snibbit to enjoy! :0)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Now to share a bit of what is blooming, and not quite ready to bloom in my garden areas!

Something about all this color has to make you smile right?

A lady shared some hollyhock seeds with me last year, and this is what is coming of those. I look forward to next year when they are established well. :0)

My cone flowers are not ready to bloom YET! But they are so pretty when they do!

I so enjoy the garden areas and what nature brings for us to enjoy!!!!

These are some of the very scary but beautiful skies we had as crazy storms passed through lately. The trees and house tops, had a layer of dark clouds and then above that more clouds like a ceiling of color as the sun went down!

Also, Martino's (where I work) had an article in the Milwaukee Journal this past week, by a writer who stopped in and wrote this wonderfully article. We had no idea who she was, but am so glad she was pleased and the article was great! You can click on the image and read the article. I mounted it to a piece of foam core so customers can pick it up and see it if they had missed it in the paper. I added some font and some pictures of items mentioned in the article too!