Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All of the waiters sang to us in the dining room on the stairs of the 3 level open dining room! It was ssssuper fun!

This is the curtain to all the dancing and singing broadway like shows, comedians, etc. we saw! It was not allowed to take pictures during shows. There was an ice rink and we saw an ice skating show also!

Here is a peek into our families cruise on the MARINER OF THE SEAS with Royal Caribbean and our wonderful cruise director......Casey! You see the ship, on on board 3d map to help you find your way around and the ROCK climbing wall and basketball court on the upper deck! Amazing right?

The GORGEOUS and scrumptious food and cooler than cool TOWEL animals in our rooms! Amazing right?

Yup, that is a WHOLE PIG! Amazing right?The food was delicious and beautiful! More than anyone could eat!

This is a port, we went to the Mexican Riviera, and visited, Cabo San Lucas, Puerta Vallarta, and Mazatlan. It was near 90 and hot!

These are some of the BEYOND fantastic staff that served us in the dining room! We felt like kings and queens and of see the smiles right? This is Albert, our assistant waiter.
Below is Stevensin and Jose, the main waiter and dining room manager! Amazing right?

Bats..........look out! Hehehe, LOVED these! Fun surprises from our Room Stewart, Norbert!AMAZING RIGHT?

Mini golf on the upper deck! There was something to do if you wanted! Fun fun for all!

Handsome Earl at the back of the ship..........ahhhhhhhh dreams do come true on a cruise ship! :)

It was a super fun trip, Earl, Amber and boyfriend Anthony and I had a ball! These are pictures from my camera, and I had as much fun as they did.......believe me! Hope you enjoyed the tour. Take a cruise if you get the opportunity! It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Amber took some pictures of my flowers, ground cover,lupines, hostas, lambs ear etc. for me! Things are starting to come into bloom, and it is lovely. I just love the colors and textures and different heights and shapes of them all. Amber got some great close ups. THANKS kiddo!