Sunday, October 27, 2013

 Here is my first attempt ever at using an airbrush to decorate cookies. They are Halloween I think they are just fine. I cannot wait to continue to get better and grow with using the airbrush. Sooooo far, I love it.
 Earl cut the spider from cardstock and I did the clouds and spooky grass. The other stencil was something I had from Tim Holtz done with orange.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

 Happy Halloween!!!! We had the neatest experience today! We saw a house while running errands, that had some zombies in front. We stopped...........hehehe, I could not resist to run up and take some pictures. They were truly creepy and AWESOME!!!! After getting back into our car, the young man that owned the home came out and asked us "would you like to come in and see the rest?" He said they were having a party in 3 hours and wife has been working like nuts on the inside. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YES I WOULD LIKE TO COME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-----------------------
 Every room was completely done up........with FULL sized items! Top of the ceiling to the floor.......blood , gore and more............
 Awesome zombies right?

 The living room was a full out funeral home and there are seats facing the coffin as well!
 They had a scary clown room with a ping pong table. All full size clowns and scary!!!!

 The bathroom was taken over by SPIDERS.........everywhere, and big egg filled nests hanging.........

 The kitchen was the butchers room.......blood splattered and body parts on shelves...........eeeeeeeeew

 Intestines on the bottom shelf...........the butcher was actually packaging parts. Haaaaaheheh gross.
 Cockroaches were crawling everywhere, she has them attached to the walls with tiny pins.
 The basement was a nightmare of caged skeletons.........a jail cell for Picture opportunities for guests.
It was very medieval looking.

 Jason was in his cottage, with a shingled roof above the window and all........the guys helped her build everything.
 There was a cemetery with gravestones........
 a creepy nook with children's dolls that were really creepy......see front right corner of the picture.......
The bath tub, made me get goose bumps. Just a hoot!!!!!!!! How kind of them to invite us in. I could not believe everything. It was magnificent! I told them they should have contacted a news station. This is BEYOND fun..........I am sure their party will be a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the end, after the excitement and telling them how spooktacular this was, I never even got their names!!!!!! Great job though, no denying that! Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Here is another pumpkin I carved today! I made this stencil myself and carved most from the flesh.....not all the way through. It needs a bright light inside to show it's detail. I love the look though! :) Hope you enjoy it too.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin carvings

Today Earl and I carved Pumpkins. We have 4 pumpkins and we are doing more later, but this is a good start right??? Super they are........daytime and lit up! :)
Ironman in progress!

Haunted House painted and then carved out windows and holes and moon is carved into flesh.

A shark on a pumpkin????? Yup, this is happening!!!!!! Most people fear sharks so this is a good scare!