Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These are some pictures of a fun artful event I attended with some friends in Rhode Island! Our wonderful hostesses, Linda and Irene housed us and then we created a bunch of project....

Clay fairy doors that Linda(clay goddess) taught, and crocheted necklaces by Linda and Irene both helping everyone, Fabric postcards by the talented Marilynn, Wire wrapped stunning rings by Nancy super extraordinaire, and fabric mini-pillow by me! :0) A great time was had by all......delicious food, good fun, laughing, art, and friendship,stories, food and more fun! What a talented bunch of girls each and every one! In the picture we have.....
Top left to right, Me, Linda, Elaine, Chris , Irene
Bottom left to right, Nancy, Lynn , Diane
Marilynn was not at church with us.....and is missing in this picture!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is a page for a fabric book round robin! Hidden treasures in the pockets! I stamped every image onto fabric and colored with prisma and chalk! Then stitched and stuffed....made fabric beads from straw pieces with fabric and fiber wrapped around them! Fun technique and very light!This book is so funky, this fit right in nicely(I hope):) These are all great fun to work in! Hugs,Patti

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Earl mounted a flag poll for me on the garage! I do love having a flag displayed and will get some others for the different Holidays! That is the front of our home and then the little angel I got discounted at JoAnn Fabrics! Isn't she pretty?? Lastly, this is a view from our front yard to the east......that is LAKE MICHIGAN......we are blessed to see it daily and it is a wonderful soothing vision for sure! I adore having it within eye's catch daily. Enjoy! I have been busy at work and no time for art, so this will have to do! Hope you like it! Hugs,Patti