Saturday, September 29, 2012

Amber and her friends!

 Fall pumpkins are like ART!!!

 The Farmers Market in Waukesha, where I bought my pumpkins. It was beautiful outside and busy there.

 Fall colors, heavenly! It is certainly on the way in. Come on Fall! I welcome you!
 My pumpkins, aren't they fun? And these are some of my flowers at home still hanging on. Asters blooming now, roses, still trying, clematis, rose of sharon, hibiscus too.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

 Ok, I had to get a shot of this flying grasshopper. Earl had a childhood trauma with these flying all over him and when this guy visited our house right outside the door, I had to get a shot. Isn't it gruesome looking really? The camo colors, the shell, eyes, LEGS? Look at it. No wonder children are freaked by them! Heheheh, nature is amazing. In contrast to that, I would grab them by their long bent back legs and hold them stuck like glue to my finger. :)
 Our project for this weekend was drilling and placing beautiful marbles into our fence.

 I saw this idea on Pinterest. We bought some 9/16th marbles and we drilled holes into our fence that were a bit smaller than the marbles, with a little E6000 glue, we stuck them in and tapped into the fence with a rubber mallet. The sun shines through it and it is a subtle pretty! I love it! Thankfully, Earl is easy going and lets me do things LIKE THIS! Can a creative person ever leave anything alone? :)

 AND, we are ready for the Packer game with some sweet green and gold sugar cookies that Amber made. Goooooooooooooo PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

A little Sangria and a Card

 Amber made some Sangria today and it was delicious!!!!!!
It consists of:
1 bottle of Moscato Wine
1 frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate
3 cans of sierra mist soda
and a bunch of strawberries cut up.
Mix it all together and let make a happy punch. YUM! You can see that looks delish right?
Also, here is a card I made today for a little girl named Alana,who is only nine. I read about her on a blog of a friends, friend. She was diagnosed with leukemia and they were asking for people to make a card to send her to brighten her spirits. Here is the link if you want to send her a card.
Just read about her and then email and they will send you her address. I hope that she feels better soon. Poor little dear!

Hoping that everyone is having a nice weekend.
Happy hugs all around!!!!