Friday, August 31, 2007

Here is Mary and the party! :0) Totally wonderful! Mary is hugging my Mom...Reggie in this top picture! Steve, Jessica, Julie, and Nikki are from left to right! Mary and I are below! She was sooooo tickled with her spread! There were lots of heathly yummies and Nikki and Julie shared in bringing items too!

This is extra cute, because Mary says she feels short when Cathy and I are around, so we bent down nice and low to make her the tallest! I am on the left, and Cathy on the right! Cathy, Tim, and Mary are the owners of Martino's where I work! Tim is Mary's son.....he hates pictures! We are in hair nets and all, so just look past that loveliness! Hehehehe!
It was a good day and Mary loved it all! From the flowers from Roxanne, to the food spread and all! It was so good to see her so smiley! :0) Happy Birthday Mary!!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ok, here we go! This is my artistic venture for today! My dear Boss, friend and special woman "MARY" who is battling ovarian cancer....her birthday is Saturday! At work thought tomorrow, we are every day with Mary is a gift! So, she is also diabetic! We try to make a fun table for her, with fruuits, dips, sugar free items that SHE can enjoy...after all it is HER day! :0) And we are thankful to share it with her! you can see, I am still in PRINCESS CRUISE MEMORY mode! Heheeh! I decided to have a go at making some birds out of grapefruits, pineapple underneath, swiss cheese and blueberry eyes, hats of pineapple leaf and multicolored cale and tomatoes etc. , carrot carved beaks.....JUST fun! This is not complete, I have more to do and arrange on a plate tomorrow morning but I wanted to share them with you until after tomorrow and I will have more pictures! This is all to wish MARY a Happy 68th Birthday! Wheeeeeeeee! We love her!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

These are four by fours for a swap I had previously signed up for where the theme says to incorporate CIRCLES in the art! These were fun and I look forward to the exchange! Have a great day!

There is something to be said about the blooms that brighten out days! We have a small back yard, but the flowers and bushes right now.....give me such joy. When I look outside, I feel happy and blown away by the beauty that is found in a simple flower! Hope you enjoy these shots of my yard! :0)

Friday, August 10, 2007

The following posts (scroll down and see all the pictures of the ship, fruit, room, islands etc) are from our CRUISE on the Caribbean Princess Cruise Line! WHAT A WONDERFUL experience! The food......was wonderful and beautiful, here are a few desserts and EVERYTHING was just great---the service, the people, the!! Would you believe there was a light rain when we left and a DOUBLE RAINBOW sent us off! Is that magical or what? Please click on the pictures to see closer views and scroll down to see the following posts with more pictures! IT was fantastic! I would recommend a cruise to you and your loved ones, families, friends etc. It is SUPER!

Some of the pictures we took of eachother! It was so fun! As you can see, Amber and I are up to our normal Shannanigans! Hehehehe! the sites outside and inside the ship were just stunning! Beauty everywhere! You cannot help but smile! :0)

Here is the GORGEOUS ship, our room, the balcony we had....
St.Maarten, St. Thomas and the beautiful Princess Cay where people were sailing and enjoying water sports etc. The waters were many shades of blue, most gorgeous natural sights, and it was relaxing and enjoyable!

The ship had a HUGE screen on top deck, where we watched movies under the stars, enjoyed freshly popped popcorn, and soda! We saw Spider Man 3 and Wild Hogs, and there were many more! It was wonderous, with the ocean breeze blowing and watching the movies! FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!
Our room was on the 8th floor directly in the BACK of the ship....a great location! We saw the wake of the ship and it was lovely! I would suggest that EVERYONE save up and take a cruise at least once! I have motion sickness, and the ship is so large...enormous really.....and I was fine with dramamine each day! No problems! You meet wonderful CREW, and passengers from all over the world! Just a great experience! Click on the pictures to see closer! :0)

These are the FUN FRUIT & VEGGIE sculptures done on the Caribbean Princess Cruise we were took! THIS is ART! Beautiful and creative.....I LOVED IT!!!! Click on the pictures to see closer details! Amazing!