Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogger is frustrating me today! This is my 3rd try to upload this! More rubbings! I am learning and will keep going until I ge this the way I want....the overstamping is fun, and like stenciling over too, but I want to make some smaller stencils and show more of the rubbing! Also I want to try gluing in an image instead of using a rubbing image off a rubber stamp! The better quality crayons work best......crayola if you have them! Go to the link in the post below for a great tutorial by Michelle Ward! Have fun!

This is a great technique by Michelle here
You use crayon and paints and have fun! I did orange crayon, black paint and some over stamping and high lighting with pencil, and spray stencil too! Lots of fun things and it comes out with great depth! I will try some other colors, but this was fun! Get those crayons out girls!!!!
Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!! Hugs,Patti

This is my Amber and her new tattoo! Her Dad always included her in his "gaming ventures" as a young child even! He loves video and computer games and sooooooooo does she, because it is a good memory of time they spent together having fun! So she drew out this fab tattoo and included some old time computer font to give her message.....Respect Your Roots! :0) I think it is pretty cool and the tattoo artist did a fabulous job! I just wanted to share! Have a great weekend all! Hugs,Patti

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barb has tagged me! :0)

I have to write my memoir in six words!
Here it is:

Happiness comes in return, when given!

The rules of being tagged are:Write the title to your own memoir using SIX words.Post it on your blog.Link to the person that tagged you.Tag 5 more blogs.

Instead of tagging, I will invite you to review something important to you, a sort of approach you face life with and try to phrase it in six words! Just the thought of it is a refreshing thing! Have a great week bloggers! I hope happiness can be yours!

Time to share some of NATURE's ART! See the beautiful flowers that are up right now by our home!
The Poppies are almost done, the irises are full open and the Allium(purple sensenation)balls are open and I love them! The colors make me smile and I am in awe of nature's beauty! Our clematis(On the house creeping up on the trellis) are just starting to open the flowers! And I just trimmed the bushes yesterday, so that they are nice and shapely! :0) Hope you enjoy a peek at nature's beauty here! :0) Happy Weekend! Hugs,Patti

Saturday, June 14, 2008

These are ATCs for a Patriotic Swap! I found this darling little girl with the flag, and added some RED WHITE AND BLUE and of course stars to go with the stripes! A little ribbon and some sewing machine zigzag finish this off along with some glitter! Enjoy! :0) Hugs,Patti

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

These are clothes pins! For a group swap, we were supposed to alter them any way we want, and we will use these to hang a line and pin up some art! Doesn't that sound totally fun!?

We create three and send one to three people! FUN!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I just finished (a bit late) a little giftie pillow for sweet Janelle and Mark! They were WED on May 23rd and we attended the wedding! I wanted to make a little something personal for them, and here it is! Better late than never right?? I work with Janelle's Mom , Julie .....a real angel! Along with this giftie, the tag says........
"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home,sweet home
For there the heart can rest!"

This is a fabric page for a wonderful round robin I am in! In these books, we make a hidden pocket and insert something artful and goodies too if we are so inclined! :0) My pocket is at the top of the right hand side and you can see just a tease of what is hidden in the pocket! FuN fUn! :0)
BANNER SWAP:Hi all! This weekend I finished the banner swap pieces! Here is how it goes! We are spelling out INSPIRATION. Each of 11 people got a letter, mine is "T". Each person gave a color theme! We create 11 banners of fabric making sure to put our letter on it and use each person's color theme! This way, when the hostess swaps them back, it will be the whole word in a cordinating color scheme for each person! What fun right?? I love these and will upload mine after it comes home! :0) This weekend was a good art time weekend between the crazy rain and storms which were horrible! Hope you have a nice start to YOUR week! Hugs,Patti