Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yellow finch, ROBIN(our STATE bird)
morning dove, female cardinal, red male cardinal.
Bird with yellow eye and blue head......MEAN, I do not like them, still they are pretty!

I have a bird feeder and bird bath! I cannot tell you the joy I get seeing these sweet creatures come to my window. Here are some of the birds that come to visit! We have others, but I am not quick enough with the camera. They do not sit still long enough either(for me). Maybe if I had a whole day to just take pictures sitting at the window waiting.......then I could get some good shots. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy seeing a few. HAPPY BIRDing!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

These are some BIRD themed fabric ATCs for a swap. I did get a little art done this weekend! Wheeeeeee!


This is RUFIO,
PUPPY(on left) to today(on right)! Hehehe!
Isn't he a cutie pie....
Amber is at work, so we get his full attention. Lucky us!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is a Cyclamen that I got as a gift from Cathy. It is really doing well and I thought I would share it before my black thumb gets a grip of it!
Aren't the leaves beautiful! It still has a bud too, though it is coming time for it to go into it's sleep state soon. Just thought I would share! I love plants, just usually they do not love me! :0)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ohhhhhhhhhh finally I got some art in today!!!!! The top picture is a card I made for my girlfriend's bbbbbbbbeautiful daughter, she had a special day with a great group of friends and I wanted to just send her a card with all their smiling FRIENDSHIPs are so precious!

The next item is an altered book TIP IN(pages for the altered book that the receiving person can glue/tip in to her book without sending the whole book through the mail). I chose BABY for the theme, because aren't babies grand?????? Hehehe, anyways, the little tabs that say "BABY" sit off the side of the page and I did use a cereal box background for this piece. You can see those in the post below.

The items are up against cereal boxes too ...........they are just laying here, so why not! :-) Hope your weekend was nice!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I was inspired by Karen at this link.......
She puts tutorials out and this one shows this fun technique to recycle emptied cereal boxes!
The first picture is the plain box, then primed with gesso undiluted.

Then papers are added with gel medium and then a watery wash of gesso over the top.

Then stamps are used to stamp out a fun background. All the boxes can look different depending on how they are stamped.

Then color is added with a brush, I did shades of green and orange and pink on different boxes. This blends the stamping and maks it look more apart of the whole thing.

Then some light overstamping with paint on top, is the finishing touch! This comes out great because it is stiff and will make nice backgrounds or atcs.

I like how they turned out! Thanks Karen for the inspiration and check out her blog......very fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My friend Marcy volunteers at the Daytona Greyhound Shelter. They have a FREE voting site to earn money and you can vote EVERY DAY starting TOMORROW.........

Here is the link and instructions! I promise it is not complicated and once you do it a few times, you can do it with your eyes closed. "-)

1. Go to
2. Click on the large purple box “Click to give”.
3. At the very top of the next page click on the box that says in red “Vote now”.
4. On the next page, enter “FL” and “Daytona Beach” and click “Search”
5. Select “Greyhound Pets of America Daytona Beach” (be sure you select the Daytona Beach group!) and click on “Vote”.
6. Identify the picture of the animal and click on “Confirm Now”.
The voting site will send you a daily reminder to vote. All you need do is go to the website and on the left hand side it says "Daily Click Reminder". Click on it and enter your e-mail address and you will be sent a reminder daily to vote....doesn't get much easier then that!


Monday, April 06, 2009

Time for some baking. I made some wonderful sugar cookies yesterday! A delicious recipe that Mary had given me. They are sooooooooo good, and I bagged some up for family and friends! Yum, :) I hope you have a good week and Easter is almost here! xoxoxox Patti