Thursday, November 27, 2008

A new member to our family!
We lost Buddy 2 years ago.....almost to the date!
Amber got a new puppy yesterday. His name is Rufio!!!!!!! She is in love with him and the WORK of training and teaching begins! He is really a sweet little guy! He is a Bichon Frise and Shi Tzu mix! ADORABLE! :0) I think he will fit our family well! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here we go.....our Christmas tree for the family room...themed ANGELS and a view of outside this morning! Booooohoooooooo , yup, SNOW! I really am hoping we do not have a winter like last year, because we got soooooo much snow! I really do not like snow....nothing good about it.....except friends of mine seem to think it is lovely, pretty, fun........bahhhhhhhhumbug! Hehehehe! I will survive! :0)Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is my entry for the blog challenge for the arch group.......theme Silhouette's, such fun! You can check out the challenge blog here......

I hope you are having a great week! Hugs,Patti

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hi everyone! I have been tagged by Beth at
and I am supposed to tell 7 quirky facts about myself!

I am not too interesting, but here goes......
1. I like PEPSI(diet and caffeine free), and I know when it is Coke.......there is no fooling me!
Diet Pepsi is my favorite dark soda.
2. I used to be called "carrot top" in school because of my natural red hair! :( Now I have to dye it red, because it is getting too gray! Double :(
3. I would love to win the lottery and play art all day long........and cook too. That would be fun.
4. My feet get cold alot, even if the rest of me is hot. Odd right??
5. I dislike WINTER lots! I used to like it as a child--building snow men, sledding, etc., but it has lost all it's sheen to me, since it became all work and no play.......scraping the car windows, shoveling the driveway and walk, and mostly I hate it when my nostril hairs freeze up from the cold! Grrrrrrrr and brrrrrrrrrrr.
6. Fall is my favorite season EVER......and the changing of the colors to me is a miracle, just glorious!
7. I am confused as to what has happened to my sweet baby girl that used to look up at me in the morning from the crib with rosie cheeks and a big droolie grin..........because last time I looked.......she is marching around the college campus and telling me she is too busy with friends, work and studying to barely get a hug in! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM my Mother! (That part is ok, my Mom is amazing! :0)
There you go...........7 things about me.........if you feel like! I don't want to tag anyone and make them feeled pressured. If you play, let me know so I can read your facts!
Hugs! Patti

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween at work! We dressedup with the Hawaiian theme and had great fun! Cathy(Owner) made Witches Brew with dry ice and it was spooooooooky! :0)

Pictures: Top-Steve, Ryan and Chris
Next-Cathy and the steaming brew, that was green and had gummy worms too! Muahaha!
Next-Chris, Patti(Being silly) Julie and Steve
Next-Julie and her sweet little grandson Ethan in his adorable Elephant costume and lastly,
Chris, Cathy, Julie and Steve!
FUN! Ryan even brought the palm tree that was in the background, and we played Hawaiian music and that was fun! Happy Halloween!