Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wall clings!!!! Whoddathunkit! I got these sweet wall clings from Holly....

She creates these vinyl wall clings and they went on pretty easily and in my opinion....look smashing! This is just what I wanted and was a breeze compared to stenciling! :0)
The prints above, are bbbbeautiful artwork from Kelly Rae Roberts. You can buy her art here...

I just love her meaningful art and these prints are super special and very high quality and now I feel that Kelly's prints are showcased and the vinyl clings make you want to walk up to her art and jump right in!
Hope you all like it as much as I do! :0)

This was a part of my Saturday project! FUN!

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is such a fun item! Ready? A friend(THANKS ELIZABETH) sent some gun casings. She had drilled a hole in the top and made tassels, so I did the same! I attached the tassel to a small friendship pillow! ALTERED ART for sure! Who would think that a gun shell casing would make something pretty! What a great idea right?? Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! I added some words onto the casing itself too! Just plain FUN!!!!!!!!
Hey, the weekend is here! HURRAY! Time for some art!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is a quiltie for a challenge from Fabric Fusion! It is a wonderful store selling fabrics, and the package had two fabrics inside! the one with the dots(white background with and pink dots) and the black with the matching stripes! We were to do whatever, just making sure it was 18x18" and also used that fabric in 1/2 of the project! Here is what I came up with! It is all done!
Thanks for looking! :0)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a few things to mention!
First, this is a snow sculpture of a BUNNY down the block from us! TOO Funny and creative!
Happy Easter!!!!!
This is adorable DORA, our neighbor's doggie from across the street! We love her, but she runs across when she see us because she is soooo excited! Amber and I were both outside and we have not seen her much this winter and she came running for some love! What a dollie dog! That is Amber holding her .....she worries she will get hurt going into the street! We all do, but LOVE seeing her! We miss our Buddy boy!

AND I want to thank NAN from her blog......

She creates these AMAZING purses from recyled materials, like magazines and plastic bags etc. and she has a tutorial there too! I WON a purse on her give away and it has brought such a tickle to my day! HOW awesome are they!? Go take a peek! Just amazing and GREEN too! :0) THANK YOU NAN!!!!!!!!!! I am one lucky girl!

She is having more celebration please go visit her and see what she is up to now! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

WHY does SPRING in WI look like this??????? This is Earl today trying to shovel our horrible snow! Am I whining? YEEEEEESSSS you bet I am!!!!!! This is the second time shoveling and there will be probably 2 more times! SNOW GO AWAY!

Spring flowers!!!!!!!! I WISH!!!!!!
Affirmation Canvas Challenge:
My friend Marilyn,
is having a challenge on her blog.

From the inspiration of Kelly Rae Roberts
Kelly Rae does ffffffantastic collages and was recently published in Cloth Paper Scissors with a fantastic tutorial of how she does her process and we were challenged by Marilyn to attempt something similar! I really enjoyed this tremendously! We are swapping canvases 1 for 1 and this is the one I created to send to Marilyn for the challenge!

I have used collaging of papers, paint and hand drawing, not something I usually do, but then that is what a challenge is! :0)

It really was great fun and I am not sure if I am completely done yet, but she is resting while I think on it! Hope you enjoy seeing this and the affirmation statements are joyful to express as well! This was a fun challenge! Hugs,Patti

Monday, March 17, 2008

These are pages for a fabric book rr I am in! The idea is that there should be a pocket and something hidden inside! This book has a theme of PLAY and just to do whatever....not worrying about loose threads or lining things up straight etc! It was fun to do! One pocket has a round tag and the other a little mini Icicle doll. There are bits of fabric, yarns, and little stitched tidbits of interest. The images on the pockets are transparencies! :0)There will be more books and more themes in the months ahead! 10 of us are playing and this will be a great swap! This book folds in half and so the page is wide open here!

This is the paint in the computer room! Earl spends most of his time in here, so I think the Robin Egg blue and cream is more complimentary to a MAN! :0) The bird box I got from Jo Anns and HE CANNOT HAVE it, I just wanted you to see it! Isn't it pretty? I love it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

This weekend we painted our hallway leading to the bedrooms and downstairs a beautiful VANILLA ORANGE color! It is like being inside a dreamsicle! Lovely! And I purchased this FABULOUS Fairy Portal from Kim!
Link above! She makes them from clay(and love)and the portal allows good fairies a place to enter! Isn't it precious!?
Have a great week! I just wanted to share my "artwork" from the weekend! Heheh! Painting is wonderful and makes for a fresh clean look! :0) And anything that brings good fairies makes me smile! I want to stencil something there too....I am thinking on that! Enjoy!

Monday, March 03, 2008

My puzzle is in route on it's round robin journey, but I got a picture of it as the last artist just added her pieces and I wanted to show you the updated puzzle! Isn't this gggggreat fun! I am loving it! My theme is numbers and wings! I love the artwork done so far! 4 people have worked on it! Me and three others! It will come home completed and I will be sure to share it then! :0)
Happy Moanday!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The new puzzles have arrived! Both oriented in different directions! The black one has a theme of polka dots and the blue....angels. Both wonderful themes! I had fun creating! I did three pieces on each! Mine are on the blue, left bottom and 3rd up from the bottom and
piece towards the middle that says Faith! On the black, I did
left, top and bottom pieces, and the word FLY with the fiary in the middle! Both were great fun! Hope you enjoy viewing! There are other puzzles in posts farther down in my blog as well! Happy weekend to all! :0)