Monday, August 31, 2009

Here we go. When our family went to Disney, I got this bag, for shopping at the Downtown Disney area. It is canvas, and I decided to do-dad it up with our favorite Disney characters. So we all picked favorites and I have been working on it! Now this is the front and it has pockets....and seams,so some of the areas are very hard to work on........but we are managing. The back will be VILLAINS, as they too are our favorites! So far, this is what I have done on the front. Thank you to Nina Owens, who was my can see some of her work on canvas bags and shoes here.....
AmAZiNG really! You will love them!

This woman does an amazing thing with, it is really quite moving, and such talent!
Something artful for today.........thanks for showing me this Chris! <3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing "Patrick"! Amber designed this little guy, and he is Super Studious (Nerdy if you will) with his glasses and little pocket with pen etc. all for looks! Hehehe. And the square shape......fits the theme of him. He is a good one for her back, a little bigger then the others. Ready to be a helpful lumbar support! :0)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Here is Gerdy! She is Amber's newest monster pillow. After being at Disney, it is impossible to make just a plain pillow....gotta do something fun and funky. Disney makes my creative side want to jump out and play. Amber will use these for her lower back when she sits in a chair that needs support there, and she will carry them around and have a funky friend with her! Hahehehe. This is Gerdy and she is keeping Marcus (in green) company! I have one more in there should be a little group of three when I am done. Wouldn't these make fun livingroom pillow? They are happy to sit on my couch for now until Amber takes one for a ride. Everyone have a monsterful day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I made a special monster pillow for Amber to haul around for her back! When she has a chair that does not have support, she can shove him behind her and help her situation out! He is bright green(her favorite color), and I am not sure why the back picture of the pillow came out minty. He is NOT minty at all! Amber named him "Marcus". :0)

Is there anything more beautiful than a special flower or flowering bush? These are my Rose of Sharon bushes in bloom! I LOVE them! AND I bought a Floxglove, not realizing it is a biennial (which bums me out as it will die off after a second year)...but it is AMAZING! Hope you enjoy flowers too!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today we went to the Fair, with every high hope of enjoying the food, artwork, quilts, cakes, baked items, that showcase WI talent and goods, from our local state residents.

BUT after being there for less than 30 minutes, Amber fell because of a hole in the asphalt and she sprained her ankle badly. So we rented a wheel chair and pushed her around to see everything else (after a stop at first aid and the paramedics :(

Below are some pictures of fun stuff, including some strangers.......eating the CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON ON A STICK, because there was no way I was eating that! ICK!
Amber and Anthony had a peanut butter and jelly on a stick, deep fried.
There were SO many things on a was crazy!
Anthony also had a snickers candy bar, dipped and deep fried on a stick!

We had the staple items, like CREAM PUFFs, WI Potatoes, CHEESE CURDS etc. It was delicious, and the day went ok, with the exception of Amber's injury!

That is Earl in the blue shirt and COW hat! These are just a couple of views of the fair grounds and how it looks!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My sweet Auntie's came for a visit. SUCH fun!!!!! Auntie Marie, Auntie Betty(Elizabeth :0) And Auntie Joanie. These are three of my Mom's sisters and they are just wwwwwwonderful Aunties! I am very blessed to have them! Rufio and Amber got in a shot and of course, Earl and I! Earl was modeling his COW gear for the Mom and Aunts are going tomorrow and we are going on the weekend. WI is the DAIRY state ya know? Our state motto is.......
WI, come and smell our DairyAir!!!!!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaahehehehe! (That is a joke).
Anyways, enjoy the pictures of my sweet Aunties!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

By the wolves!!!

Wish we could have jumped in too.

Prarie Dogs are CUTE!

Peacock beautiful! :)

Giraffes are amazing!

His neck as to hurt from holding that rack up!

Fish of WI in a huge tank....he was sitting down by his picture. See Earl in the next shot with him at the bottom of the tank too!
Today we went to the ZOO for Amber's Marcus Theater Work Picnic. It was great fun, but OH SO HOT AND HUMID! We about melted! It was hard to enjoy.......too hot, and you will see that even the animals looked whipped. My camera battery died, but I got some fun shots.

This is sort of how we felt today!!!!!

See that look? Yup, cranky from the heat!!!!!