Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is a 6x6 canvas for a swap with Mandy! :0) I hope she likes it! It will be a fun exchange! I got the canvases from Dick Blick! They are so cool, no staples on the sides and lovely to work on! I will mail this off on Monday to Mandy! Hope everyone is having an artful weekend! Hugs,Patti

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have been under the weather lately, so I am going to share some beauty with you through nature! My neighbor has a lovely tree in bloom with fuchsia blossoms and I love seeing it out my window! You can see my fairy and birds at the top of my tree that I carved the female tree spirit into, when it had to be cut down from being ill. I also added a little tree nymph(below her) and a FAIRY door (way at the bottom) which we will fix up, we need more wood chips etc this summer. And then, we got this cute little welcome pup! Isn't she fun!? I shot her close and then next to the door so you could get a feel for her size! :0) Just adorable! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend and I just want to say a word of appreciation for all our service men and women who are now serving and have ever served our country........on this Memorial Day weekend! God bless them all!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! Yesteray was Amber's party! Last year, she was in horrible shape with 3 herniated discs and her Graduation from HS and Birthday was drugged and not happy! SO, this year, we promised her a wonderful party and so here is a group shot from when the majority of the kids were here! GREEN is her favorite color and all the kids were supposed to wear something green! They had lots of fun (it seemed :0) and today was cleaning up! They all wrote wishes in chalk on the driveway and did lots of fun things too including a scavenger hunt, pirate gift exchange, Guitar hero, Rock Band, Sing Star and more......just a bunch of fun kids having a fun time! We are blessed with Amber and thankful she has nice friends! :0)

Monday, May 05, 2008

These are all the little birds from the swap I was in to make a bird totas! How fun right? We all created birds with a loop at the top and bottom and when they came home, we could do what we wanted to attach them together and hang them! They are meant to be close to a doorway and are supposed to be full of good luck for those that enter and leave! :0)

Earl and I sanded and painted our garage side door yesterday! It was cracked and peeling terribly, and we sanded it to the wood and repainted to match the siding! And of course, I could not leave it that I mean plain, so there is a little stenciling too! :0) Art is creeping to the outside of the house now! Hehehehe!
This is Belinda's book for a fabric round robin! We have a pocket theme, and hidden in the pockets are little treasures! So those I will not share! :0) But, these are the two sides to the page I made for Bel's book! It is great fun, Bel's book is called Gretchen's Book of Dreams! The page could be any shape we chose, so I did the shape of a crown for the party! :0) She wanted us to just play and add lots of fun things , so I did my best! The first side with the three party girls, has a base of lots of fibers, materials, and lace sewn between fabric and netting and then collaged on! I hope Gretchen likes her crown and friends! :0)