Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here is the page I did for my deco! The first page has the artist and the back of the page just has a quote I like, it goes... "Use the talent you possess, the woods would be very silent, if no birds sang except those that sang best." This is my octagon shaped deco and they can art on the octagon shape and also use that shape in their artwork if they want! Should be a fun round robin as each participant has a different shape! More to come! :0)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

These are the covers to my new deco that is being prepared for the ShapeShifters round robin! My shape is an OCTAGON and the pages will be made this shape too! Sounds fun right! I will upload the other shapes as the decos arrive here and I am able to work on them! The deco did not have to BE in the shape that is being used, but the art will show the shape somewhere. Sounds fun right! These are done with fabric over felt, with fibers and netting stitching down the back, some needle felting and embellishing! Hugs,Patti

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I got the most beautiful FAIRY for Mother's Day from Earl and Amber! She is meant for outdoors, but I might have to keep her in the house with me! I also got two of my favorite candles! Wheeeeee!

We also planted that neat juniper topiary type three sculpted piece today! I LOVE it, along with some ornamental so pretty like purple and green frilly cabbage and some Lamb's Ear which has these beautiful soft petals like a lamb's ear! They are deer and rabbit repellant which is good, because we have them around here! :0) Anyways, the yard is coming together after the new driveway last year! I love the pretty plants and know in a couple of years they will look great! There are some pretty yellow finches visiting my bird bath too! Oh lovely! Happy Mother's Day all! Amber is still having a very rough go of things! See the post below for more info....her spinal injection will be Wednesday and prayers are most appreciated for a good recovery! Thank you!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here we are! Amber turned 18 yesterday and we saw a specialsit about her three herniated discs that are causing stenosis (pinching of the nerve bundle) that you can see in the shot on the MRI film that I took a digital picture of! See the bottom three darker discs.......the light colored tube that the nerve bundle runs through behind and the bulging discs that push the nerve bundle there pinched back! She will be going for ESI (epidural spinal injection) on Wednesday morning....prayers for her would be appreciated! She has a long road of recovery that has been mentioned may take 2-6 months, physical therapy, meds and injection that will hopefully promote her recovery from this pain and horrible circumstance that she has!
We tried to celebrate the best we could and here she is with Anthony and friends, Maggie and Adam! :0) It was resees pieces cake from Dairy Queen! Pretty yummy.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Amber and Anthony are off to Prom. Amber is having lots of pain from her sciatica and I am not sure how she will make it through the night, but she did not want to miss off they went in their gorgeous blue tones for the night! The key chain is their ticket in...she is smiling, but hurting! Anthony will watch over her at least ---isn't he handsome in his suit and Amber in her dress! Hopefully they will have a great time! Prom '07!

This is a deco for a friend of mine.....oh she had a great idea where she sent this image of a couple named Jay and Stella along, and in the deco the artists are just sending them places... very fun! I took Jay and Stella to the woods to bird watch and then to The Land of Tulips! What a fun deco using this vintage couples image. On the side with the bird watching, I have Jay and Stella sitting in a tree.....BIRD WATCHING....hehehe and on the tulip side, Stella says...if you are to live until 100, I wish to live to 100 minus a day, so I would never be a day without you. Velvet tulip petals are behind Stella! This was fun art for the day! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, May 04, 2007

These are my bird and flower themed 4x4s for a swap! the different lightening shows them off differently for sure! The bird is a transparency on the Once upon a Time side and then the others are images I ran copies of! I created the birds and added PEOPLE eyes! I think they look silly! :0)