Thursday, June 28, 2007

Want to know what this is??? Go to
HINT: Look under "Guest Artist"
and enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

One more deco I am working on! This one, had the image on the page of the young woman! I turned her into a sister to that little sweet one....:0) and followed with a quote;
"The purpose of life is to be useful,to be responsible,to be compassionate, It is, above all to matter, to count,to stand for something,to have made some difference that you lived at all." The next page was just to be another fun quote that we enjoy... and the stamped image is from PaperBagStudios! Some fun material and bits are added there! :) Enjoy!

Getting some art done today! This is a deco/journal for a round robin! The theme is shapes and this shape is basically....SQUARES! So, although we can add other things, the idea is to have some squares in there too! I used fabric, stitching and laces and did some watercolor on a stamped image and even added some little beads (hard to see). Much fun!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, it is official, our Amber has graduated high school! :) Here are a bunch of pictures, from her entering at the ceremony, Amber and some friends, Amber and my folks, Amber and Anthony, Amber at the stage where she gave a wwwwwwonderful speech with another gal that were chosen by the class to be the speakers to represent their class of '07! The night was beautiful, the kids glowing, and the parents tear filled and proud! CONGRATULATIONS Class of '07 and our dear AMBER!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

LOOK at this beautiful fairy that Nina Owens sent Amber (and I)! She knows our love for fairies and with Amber's health issues and trial lately, Nina's sweet magical gift made us feel special! Isn't she amazing! Nina is a fabulous clay artist and created and painted her from her own creations! She has a special spot here in our we can remember the magic daily! Thank you Nina!!!!!!!!

This is a deco page I did for a friend, who had vintage children as her theme! How adorable are these little ones! She included the images and I had a hard time picking because they were soooooo dear each one! Anyways, I hope she enjoys the direction I went with them! :0) I had to clean up my art space today, as this week Amber Graduates and I want the house in shape for any Pop Ins! Hehehe! So the art items will have to find a hidding place for a week or so! :0)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This is my finished altered book cover using the transparency that we also altered by painting and adding color from black and white(posted earlier). This is an exchange where we art one for one in return and we altered the top of a book cover using the transparency technique and this was a lot of fun ! I will show what I receive from this swap when it comes! Thanks for looking! :)
I want to wish two friends of mine a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, Laura and Heather! Have a fairy special birthday! And I want to wish my dear Hubby Earl a Happy 24th Anniversary! I am pretty sure he has earned his crown already.........hehehehe!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

These are the fabrics rinsed and before the cycle to set in the wash machine and then the fabric all finished, dryed and ironed! PHEW! All done! That was quite the project! But the varying hues are beautiful! :0)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

MORE fabric can be dyed from the left overs! This is a sample of some that we did in a bowl! AND the flower below is one of mine that opened this morning before I left! Ohhhhhhhhhh the beauty of nature.....gotta get that in it is Art from the Hand of God! Hugs,Patti (Yup, I took this picture of the poppy! Amazing!)

Today, Cheryl, Laura and I dyed fabric! Even John thought it looked interesting! :0) Cheryl prewashed all the muslin following instructions from prochemical! The packets had three colors and each cup had a special mixture of the three dyes until the whole gradation was evident! It was quite the chemical experiment! Hehehe, the three of us worked well together and made a batch for each of us! After the dye was put in, an activator is also added and now we will soak the batches over night and tomorrow we will need to rinse and wash in the machine with synthrapol (included with the kit) and a softening packet too!We numbered the cups and EACH have 30 cups of a fat 1/8th (9x22"s). The colors already look great and it was a bit of a putsy process, but working with eachother was great! It made things go much faster and Cheryl was so kind to have us to her house where we were able to do mostly all of it outside! THANKS Cheryl! She also made a delish lunch and we had lots of giggles while dying! What a fun day! A few more pictures to come.......they will not fit in this post! Also, Laura and I did ours in the cups with ziplocks inserted because we had to take them home and this way we felt safer for the transport! Wow are we organized! Fabric Dyeing day fingers are a bit colorful! Ha!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I have joined a swap, where we will alter a book cover, using the main piece of a painted transparency! So, the idea make the transparency from a black and white photo...and then you apply matte medium on the back, a couple of coats drying inbetween! Then you paint, OR as I did here, CHALK the back. Highlight and use your imagination and turn the transparency into a new colorful piece. Then I will take this created piece and incorporate it into a book cover that is no bigger than 5x7. The images I show you are the normal transparency, then the medium painted on back, then what the back looks like with the paints and chalks and then the front of it next to a plain transparency to see the diference and the fun! Ithink this was great! I will show you the finished collage when I get there! This was done in steps with drying in between! You can also matte medium the FRONT of it and do more, but I stopped with the back! Hugs,Patti