Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chocolate Strawberry KitKat Bar Cake

 Here we go. Bake a chocolate cake.

 Make an easy fresh and light topping with Jell-O instant pudding, half the amount of milk *1 cup, and cool whip. I added cocoa too.
 Layer the cake, and cut strawberries and more cake. Only enough to the height of the kitkat bar.

 Top the cake and outsides of the cake with the Jell-O and cool whip topping.
 Push the kitkat bars all broken apart and indivual onto the cake outside.
 Stack cleaned strawberries on top.
 Slice and admire how pretty this is! YUM right? It tastes great too! :)

A sweet light treat for the weekend. Happy Weekend everyone! <3>

Saturday, June 15, 2013

 I thought that I would share some views of our front and back yard and side to show how the flowers are coming in. The clematis are beautiful, above and more bloom later. And the lupine, below, the longer taller red and purple flowers are so fun. A friend from work, Julie, turned me on to Lupines. They are a showy flower and I love them!

 Coral bells of all sorts are hearty and so pretty in different colors.
 Some creeping phlox and ground covers to add color and a low lush cover.
 Spider wart is fun, lime green and put up little stalks with a purple flower on them! :)
 A small area of chicks and hens and cabbage plants among a rock garden!
 Hostas and mini irises around our curved driveway.

 Front yard and see Rufio checking out the yard and flowers.  Among the Lupine are some Lambs Ear and more Coral Bells.

 My repurposed dresser planter full of annuals for display.
 I do love flowers of all sorts. They add beautiful colors, height and happiness!