Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is a birthday card for a friend! With the mail system the way it is, I want to get this going to her, as her birthday is Jan. 2, and I have a feeling things are still running slow with the Holidays! The background is bleach on stamps, then some over stamping and collage and the B is a rubon (those are ggggreat)! :0)
Hope you all had a terrific Christmas!!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jeff and Dad and Robin, Amanda and Elizabeth in a pose! What fun!!!!!!

Christmas '06 as my folks today with my Brother Jeff, his Wife Robin and his four kids and then Earl and Amber and I! Top is Amanda, Joe, Amber, Ben and Little Elizabeth! Then all four of my Brother Jeff's kids.....then my Dad and Amber and then goofy Amber and then my Mom who turns 70 tomorrow and my Dad! It was a fun day! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here I am with my new haircolor and cut! The color.....I love! The cut, they did not get just right, but it is goooood! I LOVE the color......makes me not miss the gray ONE BIT!! :0)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I just wanted to share a picture of our work cookie exchange! I run it each year and we take sign ups and then each of us makes our cookie for everyone else and we trade them off and include recipes! Doesn't the tray look pretty! I got TWO trays from the total number of cookies and now feel set for Christmas! Cookie Exchanges are awesome! :0)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Earl and I went to Subway for supper! Amber works there! :0) Anyways, they had finally set up a little tree and it had NO skirt! You could see the bottom, all the wires etc. So I came home with a napkin and made them a tree skirt! I used felt and it worked out great! I scanned the letters and made those of felt too! Lots of stitching around the letters, but it was tiny, as you can see in the picture with the girls! My Amber is on the right....her friend Angie on the left! SUBWAY fun .....eat fresh!!!! Hehehe!

These are 3 atcs for a Winter Frolic Swap on a yahoo group! The image and background paper are added to some cotton batting and sew on. The "W" for winter is mounted with foam tape so it stands up some and the sweet irridescent snowflake by her head is stitched on with a pretty clear center bead! Happy Winter! Our snow is melting here! Temperatures have been above normal, and although the kids want a white Christmas, I don't mind the temperatures! 40 in December is uuuunusual! :0)

Friday, December 08, 2006

I am supposing you will find this interesting! I see beauty everywhere I look! This morning, we have a small crack in a double pain window and this golf ball sized crystal formation formed in between the window as some moisture got in there! Is this not bbbbeautiful?? I just could not believe the detail and feather like wonderful appearance! I took this digital photo of it and am so glad it turned out, because when I got home from work, it was gone!It reminds me of the snowflakes with their unique patterns and no two alike! I just could not believe it! There is beauty to be found if we just look! :0)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ok, I was tagged by Audrey, so that means that I have list 6 weird things about myself and ask 6 others to do the same! Ohhhhhh I enjoyed reading Audrey's weird things....and I thought that Christine's were charming and cute...so I am afraid mine are going to be scary!
1. I hate feet for the most part! I think they are ugly and I have not seen a nice set of feet in all my life! :0) And as we get older......I think they NEED and SHOULD remain covered! Heheheh!
2. I am somewhat a stickler on certain things(especially at work) and any variation or devience from "my idea" of what is the right way is frowned upon!

3. I definitely laugh when I shouldn't at times.....when someone falls down...very much like Christine----but I have to add, that if I fall down and YOU laugh, a beating is coming! :0)
4. I miss the sweet hugs that used to come when Amber was very little.....so now I tend to hug everyone....included all of Amber's teenage friends....which by the way is NOT considered too cool!!!
5. I do not consider myself a picky eater.....but everyone else does! Just because I hate raisens, prunes, peas, coconut, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc........there are still pppppplenty of foods in the world for me to find to eat!
6. I really LOVE a clean house, but for some reason......cannot keep it that way as much as I want....most especially my art area! It makes me CRAZY that it is not neat and clean!
Ok, there are soooo many more weird things about me...but that is all you are getting today! Hehehehe! I tag......Laura K, Kathy W, Ruth R, Lin F, Lyn A, Marcy H (in an email if you don't blog) to tell me 6 weird things about yourself!!! :0) Thanks Audrey!

I went over to my dear friend Laura's yesterday to play some art with her and her sister Cheryl! We made Christmas ornaments out of can tops....cut with a Pampered Chef can opener so the edges were smooth! They are painted with lumiere's and then collaged on! Holes were drilled into the top and bottom for some hangers and beading! This was great fun! Glitter was added as we needed a bit of Christmas sparkle! These are two I am keeping for my tree...the others are little gifties and I can share them yet! :0)