Monday, February 07, 2011

Aaron Rodgers was chosen the MVP, so today, the day after the game....he was at DISNEY WORLD. A friend of Amber's sent Amber these pictures as she is still there and Amber wished she could have seen him there! CONGRATS're the best!!!!
Tomorrow there is a huge celebration at Lambeau Field to welcome the team home and give them home town hugs and props!
This was a fantastic season .........the whole state is happy!

Friday, February 04, 2011

HELLO, NOT IN front of your FACES!

Here is our Packer crazy work crew today!!!!!
Mike, Julie, Steve, Cathy, Diane(in gray)
(while Patti takes the piture)
Mike, Julie, Steve, Patti(I have a Packer tattoo on my cheek), Cathy (while Diana takes the picture)
left to right
Decorations included:Banner, GO PACK GO signs, and a
Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers pictures for inspiration! FUN!
Any customer who ordered a piece of Packer Cake, Green and yellow jimmies today, got us to all cheering with our pom-pons. We cheered even out of the blue too, or should I say, out of the green and yellow! Hahahahe, fun!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Talk about work. We have cleaned up. Poor puppy Rufio still has to go outside, in between a wall of snow.
This clean up was WORK!
If the plow comes again, we will go back out!
For now...we are inside warming up.

Ohhhhhh we are in trouble here! The blizzard hit and we have drifts higher than EARL! It will take us all day to clean up. We will head out soon, but wanted to share some pictures. It is sooooooo windy, gusting to 50 mph, and blowing the snow everywhere....but this afternoon we are going to drop into the we have to clean it soon, before it is too cold to be out. ACK!!!!