Saturday, September 16, 2006

I joined a swap that a friend Christine is having! We have to alter three cabinet cards! Have you seen them? They are really cool! A vintage actual photo mounted on a hard cardboard from the photography very cool! I was really stumped at first!! Christine gave an awesome site to go it is.
You can see an altered cabinet card there and read all about it! FUN stuff! I got my three cards, sanded them and sort of had a talk with the ladies in the photos, and I have a general layout for them! Here it is in the beginning stages! I will show you more as I get them going! Remember, this is just the beginning!


Lin said...

WOWZA, PATTI!!! Awesome work ---!!! Just the right 'Patti' touch to makes these come alive!!

belinda said...

these are gorgeous patti! you've been really busy! i have a hard time altering those cards. i rather keep and admire them hehe

christine said...

PATTI -- These are FABulous already!!! Love your layouts -- esp. the birds!! And I love that you had a "talk" with the ladies LOLOLOLOL!!!!! Great idea to post your progress!! I can't wait to see these in person!!

tina's space said...

You are naughty you know!!!!! How come you did not tell me you have this little corner on the internet?? And that you fractured your ankle?? I should smack you but I am just thrilled to see your blog! I notice it is relatively new, so I am sure you got your arm twisted!!! I hope your ankle heals quickly without complications. Do you have a cast? I am loving a place to see your wonderful artwork.
Take care of that ankle!!