Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Beautiful FALL COLORS are beginning! And the fishermen are out catching trout too! Enjoy!

Ok, this is not ART per say, but a what a fun day I had! After work, I went and got some fall color pictures! It is just starting to be pretty here! See the picture? :0)
AND, I live near Lake Michigan, and during certain times, the brown trout head upstream and the fishermen have a ball! The trout come into an inlet here and the guys and kids go there and fish/catch and release and some keep them for eating! They are amazing to see! It is fun just watching them! That is the WI girl in me I guess! Earl and I watched for a while! I took a couple of pictures! It was neat! That was my fun excitement for the day! Just had to share!


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your blog is TOO cool for words. those pumpkins!!!!!! i can't begin to imagine. and your art is INCREDIBLE. you are a friend and an inspiration. love, pattib