Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ok, I was tagged by Audrey, so that means that I have list 6 weird things about myself and ask 6 others to do the same! Ohhhhhh I enjoyed reading Audrey's weird things....and I thought that Christine's were charming and I am afraid mine are going to be scary!
1. I hate feet for the most part! I think they are ugly and I have not seen a nice set of feet in all my life! :0) And as we get older......I think they NEED and SHOULD remain covered! Heheheh!
2. I am somewhat a stickler on certain things(especially at work) and any variation or devience from "my idea" of what is the right way is frowned upon!

3. I definitely laugh when I shouldn't at times.....when someone falls down...very much like Christine----but I have to add, that if I fall down and YOU laugh, a beating is coming! :0)
4. I miss the sweet hugs that used to come when Amber was very now I tend to hug everyone....included all of Amber's teenage friends....which by the way is NOT considered too cool!!!
5. I do not consider myself a picky eater.....but everyone else does! Just because I hate raisens, prunes, peas, coconut, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc........there are still pppppplenty of foods in the world for me to find to eat!
6. I really LOVE a clean house, but for some reason......cannot keep it that way as much as I want....most especially my art area! It makes me CRAZY that it is not neat and clean!
Ok, there are soooo many more weird things about me...but that is all you are getting today! Hehehehe! I tag......Laura K, Kathy W, Ruth R, Lin F, Lyn A, Marcy H (in an email if you don't blog) to tell me 6 weird things about yourself!!! :0) Thanks Audrey!


Anonymous said...

Patti these are so funny and even more funnier since i have met you in real life. I was laughing at #1 and have to totally agree with you on it.

Lin said...

Okay, Patti dearest -- it's posted -- all six weirdnesses ....!! LOL

christine said...

Patti!!!!!!!! Ahhhh I am laughing so hard -- my daughter says we are twins, you and I!!! I hate feet, tooooooooo!!! And I am most certainly NOT a picky eater, but everyone says so!!!! Soo fun to read!!!! Glad you did this :) xoxox

kathywas said...

Hee, hee Patti...welcome to the world of weird!! Thanks for tagging me! I listed my weird little quirks a couple of days ago. embarassing THAT was..LOL!!

I have to agree with you on the feet. They are pretty weird in themselves. I could never understand how some people can have a foot fetish. Now THAT'S weird!