Monday, March 05, 2007

A fun birdie atc for Jacky, who kindly sent me the image! :0)


Babsarella said...

What a lovely gift, and you used this image so perfectly!! It is really adorable, so I can see why you wanted it!!!

Lin said...

so so PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

longnecklady said...

So cute!


Dotee said...

This ATC is beautiful!! Love what you have done with the birdy image from Jacky (who got it from me orginally and I got it from a friend!)

A lovely, lovely piece of art!

Jacky. said...

Hi Patti, cannot wait to see this one in the flesh!!! I am so excited, it looks fantastic.
Isnt the art wonderful... everyone sharing their images. No two pieces are alike and it is wonderful to see how other artists use the same images, fabrics, embellishments. Love how you have used this birdie.
(A couple of little birdie ATC's should be just about in the USA by now. Migrating from Australia to the USA for your spring).