Friday, June 01, 2007

I have joined a swap, where we will alter a book cover, using the main piece of a painted transparency! So, the idea make the transparency from a black and white photo...and then you apply matte medium on the back, a couple of coats drying inbetween! Then you paint, OR as I did here, CHALK the back. Highlight and use your imagination and turn the transparency into a new colorful piece. Then I will take this created piece and incorporate it into a book cover that is no bigger than 5x7. The images I show you are the normal transparency, then the medium painted on back, then what the back looks like with the paints and chalks and then the front of it next to a plain transparency to see the diference and the fun! Ithink this was great! I will show you the finished collage when I get there! This was done in steps with drying in between! You can also matte medium the FRONT of it and do more, but I stopped with the back! Hugs,Patti


Ruth Rae said...

i need to take a pic of my gel transfer that went bad... very bad! that I did a few days ago!

had I done what you did with the calk maybe it would have been ok :)

your shapeshifters are all so great! I love the shape!

18 year old daughter!!! oh my you both made it to 18! :) my thoughts are with you and her I know it will all work out well for her... its nice to see she is smiling! the pain must be so hard for her!

Laura Krasinski said...

Wow... Patti.. this is so cool... Laura

Jo Wholohan said...

Wow patti, amazing!!!! LOVE the transparency idea, your image turned out fantastic and the dyed fabric DEVINE :))

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

oooooooo I missed this before. Fantastic effect. You did a brilliant job. Inspirational stuff from you as always.