Sunday, September 02, 2007

Onto our next adventure! Now, no one judge our carving skills please! We had a sickly tree cut down and the trunk was so beautiful that I asked the guys to leave it, so I could carve something into it! Have I done this before, had a class, know someone who does this.......NO No and no. So...this is just one of those ideas that I think is neat and I was looking forward to trying! Of course, already we know what we would do differently on a second attempt....but we are enjoying the process and will have a unique piece of "artwork"" to view from our family room! She is a wood spirit, like Mother Nature, or a wood nymph and I love her! She is not done yet! AND she does not look as MEAN as these pictures seem to show! I am thinking on marbles or something for her eyes and adding some color to her too in time! The wood grain of this tree is so pretty, and there is a bit more we have to do, but we were tired and so we stopped! We used a chainsaw and a wood grinder and a dremel and have been having a whole day of wood chips everywhere! This is ONE HARD tree.

Nothing like taking the tree by the horns and going with it! :0) Enjoy the pictures! Earl stayed with me all day, as he was afraid I cut my limbs off! I did fine.....and had fun! Everyone might not enjoy our little work in progress, but we like her and that is good enough for us! Wheeeeeee!


Laura Krasinski said...

Oh man... what next ... you are so talented my dear friend...UnBelievable... good job.. !!!

vicci said...

Oh Patti Girl! What a GREAT idea! This looks like so much fun! I want to do one! Lord knows I have plenty of trees here! :-)