Thursday, September 13, 2007

You know, I believe that many things I see I consider to be ART! Not just the normal items, paint, canvas, mixed media, drawings, etc.....but I see so much ART in nature, in things other than the norm! In talents exhibited by others that stand out as special! To me that is ART!

Well, I am going to link you to an AMAZING bit of art performed by a wonderful lady and her dog Rookie! They do a FREEFORM ART that is such a fun example of the love and trust between a lady and her pet! This dog is just so talented as is the gal, because they work together as a team and it shows their bond together! It is done to music , so make sure your volume is up! It is a fun thing to watch and really makes my heart tickled to see it! I hope you enjoy it too!
Presenting Freeform Person and Dog ART! Heheheeh!

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Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; I just viewed the dance of the woman and her dog!! It's the kind of thing that makes you laugh and cry at same time!! It's beautiful really the bond between a pet and it's owner. This was really a dance of love! Thank you.