Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've been tagged
I've been tagged by Patsy, now I must do the dirty deed (hee hee) and post some information!Here are the rules:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird. 3. And tag others........I will save you all the agony......hehehe!
So here are my 7 random and/or weird facts:
1. My favorite season is FALL and I enjoy seeing the change of colors, the temperature and carving pumpkins, caramel apples and ALL the parts that make fall spectacular!
2. I am most appreciative of my artful friends who understand and join me in my art adventure......understanding the obsession and FUN of it all! :) YOU are all great!
3. I secretly(and publically) wish that I did not have to work so I would have all the time I wanted to art and play, cook and clean even.......yup!!!!!!!! I would enjoy it all much more!
4. I miss my dear(Shi Tzu doggie) Buddy who I lost a year ago in November! :(
5. The internet surprises me daily with wonderful & kind people who share their talents with me in one way or another, I am a complete stranger really to them, yet they find the heart to do this.........and that is just another sign that the WORLD is still a loving place!
6. I absolutely ADORE CHEF GORDON RAMSAY---I watch his shows and would LOVE TO MEET HIM in person! What a guy!!!!!!!!
7. If things keep going the way they are, I may have to vote for Steven Colbert for President! Hehehehe!
There ya go!!!!!!!! Hope that was entertaining and a little insight! :0)


Gunnels blog said...

Hi Patty! Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog! Yes, I can think that Lenna is a wonderful peron, and I can "feel" that throw her onlinelass! We have so much fun!!! Very sad is it a whole ocean betwin us, but with the internet we find each other, didn´t we????

jo capper-sandon said...

lol @ Gordon Ramsay lol...are you watching Hells Kitchen right now? Its on our TV at the moment...what a bunch lol
Loved reading that....nice insight ...xx