Thursday, November 15, 2007

IGNORE THE HAIR NETS! No one looks good in a hair net! Hehehe! Cathy came up with a great idea for one of our older customers at work! He lives alone and is just the sweetest man, but has deteriorating health! Cathy got a small table Christmas tree for him and a FRAME ORNAMENT and we took a picture to put in it! He speaks Polish to us when he comes in, with his son to visit us and he just loves us all! We treat him with special tenderness and love of could anyone NOT!
So here we are blowing him kisses and I am not sure which picture we will use, but either one will make him smile! That is all we hope! From left to right is Julie, Cathy, Me and then Mary in front! Hurray! Heheehhe! Just plain fun! :0)


Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; these pictures are awesome and what a wonderful gesture for this elderly man. It really reaches out to the holiday spirit. I love both pictures but my fave is the top one; but the blowin' kisses one is awesome, too. It would be hard to choose really. This is marvelous!

kerrip said...

You are both sweet and adorable Patti. What a great idea to make that man's holiday special and to be a constant reminder to him that he has people around him who care.

... so glad you received your chess set. I am sure you will make a masterpiece of it!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

christine said...

Awwww Patti -- that is just a wonderful way to start the season!!!