Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hi all! We are being SMACKED with snow and leave it to Amber and Anthony to make a snowman! "Julius" is here and both the kids after being blown over trying to make him!
Oh to LIKE snow like
kids do!
I have shoveled 3 times today and we are not done yet!
Just a little fresh snowman view for you!


Marilyn Rock said...

Great pics Patti!! I like Amber and Anthony's creative touch with oranges and celery leaves :)

I am sorry you got hammered with more snow to shovel; spring cannot come soon enough!

Belinda said...

hahaha, what a fruitylicious snowman that is!!! boy, that's a LOT of snow you're having. it's cold here, but no snow and sunshine and a blue sky. me likes!

Alexandra Knittel said...

What a funny idea. I love snow.

Lenna Andrews said...

i love those ORANGE slice eyes! All of our snow has melted : (

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the most original snow man ever...hey and when he melts you can make a cocktail out of him...hehehehe.

Hugs, Heather