Saturday, March 01, 2008

The new puzzles have arrived! Both oriented in different directions! The black one has a theme of polka dots and the blue....angels. Both wonderful themes! I had fun creating! I did three pieces on each! Mine are on the blue, left bottom and 3rd up from the bottom and
piece towards the middle that says Faith! On the black, I did
left, top and bottom pieces, and the word FLY with the fiary in the middle! Both were great fun! Hope you enjoy viewing! There are other puzzles in posts farther down in my blog as well! Happy weekend to all! :0)


Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; your puzzle pieces are wonderful additions! I love the images you've chosen and you've captured each theme perfectly! Beautiful my friend!

Sanja said...

love your new puzzles Patti!!!:0)

Jacky said...

Patti these look fantastic! Love your pieces and cant wait to see yours returned all finished.
What a wonderful idea for a swap with a difference!!!