Friday, March 21, 2008

WHY does SPRING in WI look like this??????? This is Earl today trying to shovel our horrible snow! Am I whining? YEEEEEESSSS you bet I am!!!!!! This is the second time shoveling and there will be probably 2 more times! SNOW GO AWAY!

Spring flowers!!!!!!!! I WISH!!!!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Dang this snow! I am so sorry, Patti, Earl and Amber that Mother Nature delivered more of that white stuff to you! There are no signs of spring anywhere yet! This has been a very frustrating winter.

Dawnie said...

This ozzie (and her children who have never seen snow)want to run and jump into that puffy white stuff Patti.I'm sending some of our sunshine to warm your bones as we have more than enough to share.
Close your eyes and feel the rays...mmmmm
Love these pics Patti

Alexandra Knittel said...

Really, I like snow but not on this season. We have snow too in Germany :( but not so much :O

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Patti-I am sorry you got hit again-so did my parents. We did not-we only got the cold temperatures. Bundle up-it will get better soon and you will have lots of spring flowers!!
hugs, chris

Nan said...

Well... maybe winning a prize will help get you to a warm fuzzy feeling place? Congratulations, pick your prize, email me your choice and your mailing address to: nannybirdcrafts[at]yahoo[dot]com and it will be on the way next week. ;)

tina's space said...

what a crock. i can only imagine how disgusted you must be feeling. i am so ready for spring and at least i don't have to deal with anything like this. so sorry patti. i will send you some sunshine. !!! sending you warm thoughts.

Barbara said...

Hi Patti,

Since I have never experienced that much snow, feel free to ship several large boxes of the white stuff to South Texas!

Luv your neighbor's snow bunny sculpture. Thanks for sharing.
Sending warm thoughts your way.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Oh still have proper crunchy snow that squeeks underfoot!!(we used to get snow like that but not for a long time) Fab photos (looking from here in my warm house)- bet it was really hard work clearing it all.