Monday, April 14, 2008

I want to just post another link to carving stamps and stencils by MICHELLE WARD! She is amazing, and my friend Lyn A. reminded me of the link! :0) Thanks Lyn! This will be a bit more clear to everyone who might want to try! Trust me, you can do it!!!!!!! Just give it a try!
Go take a look and then sit down and give it a try! I used an exacto knife, and some plastic sheeting that I had here from a school binder! Be sure and share if you create anything! :0)

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julie king said...

thanks so much for sharing this!! i would love to create my own stamps but never thought of how it easy it could be. i really love the heart pillow you made as a wedding gift on your 4/19 post and also the new canvas posted on 4/20. i've been on a red kick lately myself. all great work!! btw, i came to your blog from kelly rae's. take care!