Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This weekend I sat and watched tv and tried to carve a stencil! I had seen such a neat tutorial on this here.....
Mine are very plain compared, but I was just piddling around! I think this is a neat thing, and if I had more time.....I would do something more detailed and realistic! Just fun! I made these cards from the cardstock that I sprayed the stencils onto to! :0) The backgrounds are bleached and I did some stamping too! Enjoy!


Tamsie said...

Hi Patti,
First visit to your blog. I like your work and variety. Nice to see original works!
I had to laugh at the snow pics. I'm in MN and not so patiently waiting for the sun to take all the snow away.
Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti! I just love and adore your stencil!! See? You can do anything my friend! I just love it and your cards made out of the cardstock that was sprayed! WOWSER! Your Bird totas are amazing, too. I love the shapes of the birds and colors - incredible!

Nan said...

When I saw your birds yesterday, I was beginning to think that was what you were sending me...LOL, but I got your precious surprise just now in the mail and boy do I love it! Thank you so much Patti, you are so sweet.

I swiped your pictures to put on my blog because I didn't take any before I hung them up on my memory board, if you would prefer I didn't use your original pictures, let me know and I will adjust accordingly, I should have asked permission first I know, but I got so excited and carried away that I just DID it.

I love the card as well, and had to make room for it AND the special envelope you created for me as well because it's all so special since you made it for me! Thank you again Patti, I adore it, and you and your crafts! Nan

Sanja said...

hi Patti,
your birds are beautiful and your stencil work too!!!:0)