Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have been under the weather lately, so I am going to share some beauty with you through nature! My neighbor has a lovely tree in bloom with fuchsia blossoms and I love seeing it out my window! You can see my fairy and birds at the top of my tree that I carved the female tree spirit into, when it had to be cut down from being ill. I also added a little tree nymph(below her) and a FAIRY door (way at the bottom) which we will fix up, we need more wood chips etc this summer. And then, we got this cute little welcome pup! Isn't she fun!? I shot her close and then next to the door so you could get a feel for her size! :0) Just adorable! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend and I just want to say a word of appreciation for all our service men and women who are now serving and have ever served our country........on this Memorial Day weekend! God bless them all!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Patti-loving the photos of the outside-gorgeous!!!!
hugs, chris

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti! Your home is so inviting with your touches. Love the nature photos here. Your neighbors tree is beautiful! I love your tree carving and the little nymph is wonderful beneath her. I adore the little welcome dog! Just wonderful! Happy Memorial Day and it is a day to reflect on our men and women who served and who are continuing to serve our county! Love, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

hope you'll soon be back on your feet! gorgeous shots. just cannot get enough of your carved tree :)