Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is a great technique by Michelle here
You use crayon and paints and have fun! I did orange crayon, black paint and some over stamping and high lighting with pencil, and spray stencil too! Lots of fun things and it comes out with great depth! I will try some other colors, but this was fun! Get those crayons out girls!!!!
Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!! Hugs,Patti


tina's space said...

patti, these are gorgeous. i love what you have done with the rubbings. some of them look quite ghostly. quite interesting. it is a fab technique isn't it?

Jacky said...

Patti I have gone out and bought some crayola crayons, read up about the technique so it will be all systems go this weekend!
Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

Heather Robinson said...

This rubbing technique absolutely fascinates me! So glad you shared it and your gorgeous artwork using it! Must gather supplies and give it a whirl!

Elizabeth said...

So glad that you are doing Street team too!! I have been having loads of fun with it and I am having lots of fun interesting folks drop by my blog!! I am lerning so much in the process- with no postal deadlines or fees!! Too Coool!! Your pieces are lovely!
I love your new Banner piece great color of red!!
I hope taht you are able to get in a little bit of art therapy during Festival!!
Big Hugs!