Sunday, July 06, 2008

Earl mounted a flag poll for me on the garage! I do love having a flag displayed and will get some others for the different Holidays! That is the front of our home and then the little angel I got discounted at JoAnn Fabrics! Isn't she pretty?? Lastly, this is a view from our front yard to the east......that is LAKE MICHIGAN......we are blessed to see it daily and it is a wonderful soothing vision for sure! I adore having it within eye's catch daily. Enjoy! I have been busy at work and no time for art, so this will have to do! Hope you like it! Hugs,Patti


Anonymous said...

Wow Patti...i love that view and had no idea that you were right there where you could see Lake Michigan. Such a great view. I know you are busy but had to come by and say 'hi' :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; love your angel there - lovely! The view from your beautiful home is gorgeous and so soothing! You, Earl and Amber have created a loving and beautiful home.

martha brown said...

I looks so tropical! I can almost see Lake Ontario from my house. If I stood on the roof. I often walk down and visit the lake. Yes it is soothing. It clears my head.

Dawnie said...

What a great view. Im so envious of a great view and know one of those waits for me in my future.
Love the flag. There is something so special about a flag blowing in the breeze.
lovely post (and the welcome fairy is magical)

Hugs dear gal
Dawnie XXX

Anneke said...

lovely angel and i like the view from your home.
you live beautiful