Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I received TWO more prizes from the wonderful OWOH give aways!
You can go to see what I have won on their blogs.......
Janie, at
You can see all she sent me , the first pictures show my winnings!
Janie sent me a boat load of fun scrapbooking supplies, with a huge variety of fun items to play art with! AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU Janie for your generous gift!
And Cat, at
Cat sent me TWO fantastic prints, and some sweet stickers and all wrapped up like a lovely gift! Just beautiful!
I am a very lucky girl!
P.S. I am hoping that my packages arrive at their destination soon! One is going to Canada and one to Brazil! I am thinking it might take a while! :(


MyTreasures / said...

Hi did you get your necklace? I was hoping you would let me know! Tania

Debbie K. said...

Good for you Patti dear!!! So happy for your good luck. Maybe you should buy a lotto ticket?!
Hugs, Debbie K.

Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats Patti Sweet! Woohoo! Wonderful!

MyTreasures / said...

I am so sorry I had two pattis. It was pattee. I did get my give away yesterday. She was late in mailing it. I almost needed a shoulder to cry on. It was very time consuming I must have spent 2 or 3 hrs writing every ones name on a piece of paper so I could draw a name. I have emailed to the right pattee.I hope she got it.Thanks for the concern. Tania

lisa said...

wow I love your blog header - great work!!!

Sanja said...

you lucky duck :-))))) beautiful gifts Patti!
big hugs