Saturday, April 18, 2009

I was inspired by Karen at this link.......
She puts tutorials out and this one shows this fun technique to recycle emptied cereal boxes!
The first picture is the plain box, then primed with gesso undiluted.

Then papers are added with gel medium and then a watery wash of gesso over the top.

Then stamps are used to stamp out a fun background. All the boxes can look different depending on how they are stamped.

Then color is added with a brush, I did shades of green and orange and pink on different boxes. This blends the stamping and maks it look more apart of the whole thing.

Then some light overstamping with paint on top, is the finishing touch! This comes out great because it is stiff and will make nice backgrounds or atcs.

I like how they turned out! Thanks Karen for the inspiration and check out her blog......very fun!


Sanja said...

wow....great background,Patti.
thanks for the inspiration and link!

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti! I think your backgrounds came out beautifully! Each step was done with such care and your creativity really shows in these! I LOVE the colors! They look so awesome laid out together like that, too. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really pretty, Patti! Good to see others using cereal boxes too as it's a shame that they just end up in the trash. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Debbie K.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

These are wonderful!!! great technique!
hugs, chris

Elizabeth said...

Miss Patti!! So happy to see that you are getting some art in!!! LOVE THIS POST!! Your stepped out instructions ar so terrific accompanied by the wonderful pictures!! Love this technique and the recycling aspect is terrific!! Hugs to you kiddo!!

Heather said...

yeah you got to make your backgrounds...what a lot of work and fun. This is great and your altered book came out beautifully! I enjoyed catching up on your art today! Hugs, H

Barb said...

Hi Patti,
This was such a great post! It was fun seeing the step-by-step process and the completed cards!
Thanks for sharing.