Friday, May 29, 2009

More nature! Today we have a BLACK SQUIRREL visiting.

Our normal squirrels are GRAY/BROWN (see Friday May 22nd posting for a picture of that kind) so this guy was a special treat!
My Dad will laugh that even he is here.......looking for trouble. Dad
sees more of these black squirrels upnorth, than here. We LOVE seeing
the wild life outside our window.:0)


Jo Wholohan said...

how cute is he Patti xx

Marilyn Rock said...

Nature is amazing isn't it Patti? I've never seen a black squirrel! He's a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

Jacky said...

Patti he is too cute!!! I've never seen a black squirrel either...arent you lucky.

Jacky xox

Sanja said...

love natur photos. he is absolutely sweet.
big hugs

Gaby Bee said...

How wonderful! I have never seen a black squirrel before. He is really cute. Thanks for sharing these great pics with us.
Gaby xo

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

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Kerri Jean said...

I have never seen a black squirrel. He looks downright exotic!! Great pics. - PS fabulous chair in the other post!!! You're a genius, Patti.