Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You know how when you ask a TEEN to pose for a picture(I just asked her to pretend to take a bite), and they get all crazy, sassy and silly! Well, I do not know what AMBER's excuse is, because she turned 20 MONDAY and is no longer a teen, but here it is!

We both laughed like crazy taking these pictures!

These are the AWESOME DANNY GOKEY cookies that a bakery here in Milwaukee made for Danny's big night tonight with American Idol!
They make these cookies for the Presidential Election as well, a stencil of the face and air brush them on a big sugar cookie. DANNY was honored with the same thing! I think it looks like him from the nose up.....his face should have been thinner! He is so handsome......the cookie is a little cartoonish, but we are ready to cheer for Danny and eat his face off during the show! Haaaaaahehehehe!

Amber also made the HEART with her hands(first picture) that you see Danny doing often, to represent his wife's foundation to help children! He makes the heart with his hands, SOPHIA's HEART FOUNDATION can be seen at the link below---he started this foundation in her honor and in hopes of helping children in need! Danny is a fine example, AN AMERICAN IDOL one could say!

Danny is special and deserving of tremendous success! Goooooooooo Danny!


Pattio said...

Hi Patti,
The pictures are so funny, I can almost hear you guys laughing. :)
I really like all the Idols this season. The top 4 especially. I am torn between Danny and Adam for the final.


Marilyn Rock said...

Love Amber's expressions! The cookies are awesome! Go Danny! How fun!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Great photos of Amber!! I was so bummed to see Danny go-he is so much better than Chris!

Kerri Jean said...

Not the best likeness of Danny, but still, to be immortalized in a cookie - not many of us get that!