Thursday, June 18, 2009

Behave or misbehave, it is always a toss up! Hehehehaha............Rufio is so cute, and Amber aint half bad either! :)

My bud Laura invited me to a bird making party with some of her quilter friends! My bird from the night is on the right, standing alone! WHAT FUN this was.....and the inspiration for these are Nellie's, visit her blog and see pattern and instructions...........she did an amazing job with this all! Debbie, that gal who went over it all with us, had all these birds in stages......sitting on the piano for us to see! Hehehe, they all needed wings, beaks ,eyes etc. Are they not already adorable!!

Nellie the creators blog......

BEFORE and AFGTER of my chair completed! This was a rummage sale find for THREE DOLLARS! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I sanded more of the white paint OFF, and I added some collaging to it, recovered the chair seat and painted some high lights of color....just a fun project. Now it can be sat on and is pretty to look at (to me:0).

Close up of collage with vintage ledger paper, fabric from the cushion,cheesecloth, buttons, metal embellishent says TOGETHER, and birds in the flowers.


Marilyn Rock said...

Patti - I love your pics to share here. Amber is a doll and Rufio is such a cutie, too. Two cuties! :) I love the fabric birds; how colorful and just awesome; yours is beautiful and I love seeing them all lined up like that :) AND YOUR CHAIR! It's jaw-dropping stunning! I love what you did with it; the colors are so soft and your details - this chair was meant to be in your hands! WOW! Another WOW! Love you - Marilyn

Debbie K. said...

OMG Patti! I love, love, love your little birdie. How FUN is THAT?! Wow. You and Laura should run your own class (I'll be your first student - hint, hint! The pics of Amber and Rufio are adorable. Glad to see Rufio is doing better :) And your chair...oh my! What a TREASURE. I'm with Marilyn in that it was meant to be in your hands. Your house is going to be a museum of beautiful works! Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Debbie K.

Barb said...

Wow Patti! Your sweet little birdie is adorable!!!! He looks as if he is going to "chirp" at any moment!!!
Your chair is awesome!!!
You are amazing girlfriend! :)
Thanks for the inspiration.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the final touches here on this chair!! I loved it before and Now I just hae to say "PURRRRRFECTION!!!" Painting the little squares blue frames it perfectly and the blue buttons are the perfect finishing touch!!!!!
You are a WONDER!!!

Elizabeth said...

Comment 2!!

Amber is stunning just like her Mom and Rufio is a cutie pie too!!!
Now your birds are wonderful! I knew that you would have no problem with these critters and it is such fun to think of you and Laura and a pack of quilting pals getting together and creating these little darlings!!
I do so wish that we were closer- even a day away would be ok- SIGH!!!!
You did a great job honey girl!!
big Hugs!

Elizabeth said...

Comment 3!!

the only wayt hat this quilt would get out the door is if it were for either you or Our Laura!!!

i am going to try to get myself to amke another one for our house- but you know me it will ahve to be a bit different as I don't do well with copies!!

big Hugs and give one to Earl for Father's sday!!
Love E

Jacky said...

That Ruffio is just the cutest little fellow.

Looove the birdies Patti, you girls are so clever. Printer is playing up at home (well really its the computer!!!!), but I will be printing that off when we get it sorted. Thanks so much for sharing. Must have been lovely to spend the time with Laura and the girls. such fun!

Your chair looks amazing. What a find and you have done a fabulous job with it.

Sending you a big hug!

Jacky xox