Friday, August 21, 2009

Here is Gerdy! She is Amber's newest monster pillow. After being at Disney, it is impossible to make just a plain pillow....gotta do something fun and funky. Disney makes my creative side want to jump out and play. Amber will use these for her lower back when she sits in a chair that needs support there, and she will carry them around and have a funky friend with her! Hahehehe. This is Gerdy and she is keeping Marcus (in green) company! I have one more in there should be a little group of three when I am done. Wouldn't these make fun livingroom pillow? They are happy to sit on my couch for now until Amber takes one for a ride. Everyone have a monsterful day!


Debbie K. said...

Really fun Patti! I love 'em and they are functional too! Hope they help Amber's back. Have a GREAT weekend:)
Debbie K.

Melissa said...

LOVE the heart on the butt! Very cute!

Building a home said...

Yes, i agree. The heart on the but is very cute. These are the cutest monsters I have ever seen!

Belinda said...

hahaha, these are monstruousful AWESEOME!!! hahaha bright, fun - brings a biiiig smile on my face! marcus and gerdy, what a fun bunch. wonder which color no3 will have, orange? look forward to seeing the monstruous bunch :D you always brighten my day sweetie!

Pursuing Art... said...

Gerdy is so cute, Patti...glad Marcus has a friend to hang out with too! :)

Elizabeth said...

These monster pillows are simply wonderful!! You go Girl!! Are you using fleece? Great Colors! Matthew ( now remember he is 17) was sitting behind me as I was looking at your blog and his response was 'Look a Monster and a Bougger!" will they ever grow up- Not bloody likely!! Did make me laugh tho!!! I love the little green Marcus! I think that he is my favorite!!
Had to share!